What does jab mean in Punjabi?

What does jab mean in Punjabi?

the act of touching someone suddenly with your finger or elbow. Synonyms : dig.

What is the meaning of burlesque in Punjabi?

a composition that imitates or misrepresents somebody’s style, usually in a humorous way. Synonyms : lampoon, mockery, parody, pasquinade, put-on, send-up, sendup, spoof, takeoff, travesty.

What is the meaning of sequins in Punjabi?

sequinnoun adornment consisting of a small piece of shiny material used to decorate clothing. Synonyms : diamante, spangle.

What does the word jabbed mean?

verb (used with object), jabbed, jab·bing. to poke, or thrust abruptly or sharply, as with the end or point of a stick or with the finger or elbow. to punch with a short, quick blow.

What is jab jab?

a devil-like character
jab jab (plural jab jabs) (Caribbean) A person dressed up as a devil-like character, in Caribbean carnivals, who carries a whip used for hitting other devils. (Caribbean) The devil as represented in a costume.

What is the meaning of Flummoxy?

/ˈflʌm.əks/ to confuse someone so much that they do not know what to do: I have to say that last question flummoxed me. Synonyms. baffle.

What are old codgers?

: an often mildly eccentric and usually elderly fellow old codger.

What does Solicitousness mean?

A person who is solicitous shows anxious concern for someone or something. [formal] He was so solicitous of his guests. Synonyms: concerned, caring, attentive, careful More Synonyms of solicitous. solicitously adverb.

What is the meaning of Concernment in English?

Definition of concernment 1 : something in which one is concerned. 2 : importance, consequence. 3 archaic : involvement, participation.

Where did the word VAX come from?

Vax derived from the Latin word vacca, which means cow, was first recorded in English in 1799. Its derivatives vaccinate and vaccination both first appeared in 1800.