What does Kreygasm mean?

What does Kreygasm mean?

sign of joy and satisfaction
Kreygasm is a Twitch emote used to show a sign of joy and satisfaction. The Kreygasm emote shows the streamer “KreyG” with a satisfied facial expression. The emote is mainly used on Twitch and it is one of the oldest emotes on Twitch.

Are GASM emotes allowed on Twitch?

Respect Twitch Policies Gasm-style emotes (emotes imitating the Kreygasm global emote) are permitted. Partners are granted exception to this restriction so long as the letter/character is a key element of their established logo or branding.

Where did Kreygasm come from?

Kreygasm originated in 2011 when Twitch streamer Kreyg was asked if his likeness could be used for a global chat emote. Around this time, the term “kreygasm” came about in Kreyg’s stream chat, and when Kreyg uploaded this photo to Twitch, it became an official emoticon in September 2011.

What is a Monka?

Monkas (or MonkaS as it’s sometimes spelled) is a popular Twitch emote. It is probably one of the most used emotes on the entire platform, so you can find it all over the place. It pops up on gaming streams, IRL streamers, pretty much anywhere and from any streamer in the Twitch directory.

What does 5Head mean?

very smart
5Head Meaning. The 5Head emote is used when the chat, or viewers of a Twitch channel, want to tell the streamer that his statement or gameplay is very smart. Mario.

What does PepeLaugh mean?

PepeLaugh Twitch Emote Meaning PepeLaugh is, together with LUL, the most used emote to show that we are laughing bursting with tears in the Twitch chat. This emote is part of the Pepe the Frog family. It shows Pepe the Frog laughing until his tears come out and with his eyes almost closed.

How do you get a KEKW emote?

To get the KEKW emote for Twitch you will need to download the BTTV extension and then add the KEKW emote to your channel. As a viewer, to use the KEKW emote install the BTTV extension and then type “KEKW” (without quotation marks) in the chat of a streamer that has BTTV emotes enabled.

What does W mean in Twitch?

What Does W Mean On Twitch? The letter ‘W’ on Twitch is slang for the words win, won, or winning. It can also be used to celebrate something good that happens on stream. For example, if a streamer wins a match, the streamer may say, “W” while their chat may also spam the letter ‘W’ to celebrate with them.

What does VoHiYo mean?

VoHiYo is known by Twitch viewers as the “Weeb” (Weeaboo) emote. VoHiYo has often been used to either refer to someone as a weeb or in reference to anime in general. Others use it to say “Hello” as it was originally intended or at the end of a technical explanation.

What does KEKW stand for?

The meaning of KEKW is quite basic: it suggests laughter. And that’s why the Spanish Laughing Guy image was used to represent it on Twitch. Now you may ask: “But what is KEK?” And the answer is simple: KEK is the Koreans’ equivalent of the North American or European LOL.

What does Kreygasm mean on Twitch?

“Kreygasm” is an emoticon featuring a portrait of Twitch streamer Kreyg, which is often used in chats on the video streaming service to indicate an intense feeling of elation or pleasure.

What are emotes on Twitch?

Emotes could almost be described as a culture of their own and while designed for fun, they can also be controversial. Twitch emotes are used as a response in a chat window during streaming sessions. In this blog post, we’re sharing 28 great twitch subscriber emotes.

How do you make emojis for Twitch?

Start with Canva’s free Twitch emote maker—an easy-to-use and fun tool for creating exclusive emojis for your channel. Choose from our gallery of Twitch emote templates and emoticon sets. Customizable emote templates to reward subscribers and win new followers

What is the origin of the Kreygasm emoticon?

In August of that year, the term “kreygasm” was coined during one of Kreyg’s Twitch streams. Kreyg subsequently took a photo of himself and submitted it to Twitch to become an emoticon (shown below). On September 3rd, 2011, a thread about Twitch emoticons was updated with several new faces that had been added, which included the kreygasm face. [6]