What does PC2 mean on RAM?

What does PC2 mean on RAM?

PC2- indicates the module uses DDR2 memory; PC- indicates the module uses DDR memory. Other common speeds for DDR2 SDRAM modules include PC2-3200 (DDR2-400; 3200Mbps throughput); PC2-5300 (DDR2-667); PC2-6400 (DDR2-800); and PC2-8500 (DDR2-1066).

What is the highest RAM for DDR2?

The maximum capacity on commercially available DDR2 DIMMs is 8GB, but chipset support and availability for those DIMMs is sparse and more common 2GB per DIMM are used.

Is PC2 and DDR2 the same?

Any memory that says either DDR2 or PC2 means the same thing. Likewise DDR3 is the same as PC3. The other numbers indicate the speed of the memory. You should always try to match the speed (i.e. 6400, 10666, 12800, etc) on all sticks you put in the same machine.

Does RAM latency matter?

The lower the CAS latency, the better A RAM kit with a CAS of 16 takes 16 RAM clock cycles to complete this task. The lower the CAS latency, the better.

Is DDR2 enough for gaming?

Reputable. 8GB is the lowest I would recommend, but 6GB might be okay. If you are upgrading with an older motherboard that uses DDR2 RAM, you’re fine, but if you are building something new, use DDR3. You might even want to get a new motherboard if you are upgrading your PC.

Can I use DDR2 RAM in DDR4 slot?

No. DDR2 uses 240 pins while DDR4 uses 288 pins. There is also a notch placed differently that won’t allow it to fit.

What is a good latency?

The difference between high and low latency Low latency is ideal as this means you are experiencing smoother gameplay. Generally, an acceptable latency (or ping) is anywhere around 40 – 60 milliseconds (ms) or lower, while a speed of over 100ms will usually mean a noticeable lag in gaming.

What latency should I get for RAM?

RAM speed vs. DDR3 RAM usually has a CAS latency of 9 or 10, while DDR4 will have a CAS latency of at least 15. However, because of its faster clock speeds, the newer standard has better performance overall.

What does PC1 and PC2 mean?

PC1 is the linear combination with the largest possible explained variation, and PC2 is the best of what’s left. 0.