What does PSP stand for FMCSA?

What does PSP stand for FMCSA?

Pre-Employment Screening Program
The Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) provides carriers, individual drivers, and industry service providers access to commercial drivers’ safety records from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS).

How long do violations stay on your PSP?

Any violation marked on an inspection report will be included there going back three years, and any crash, five years.

What is a PSP release form?

Overview. Completion of this form allows a prospective employer to access FMCSA’s Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) records for a driver-applicant, including five years of crash data and three years of inspection history. A consent form is required under 49 U.S.C. 31150.

What is a PSP check?

A PSP check, also known as the DOT PSP, contains the most recent 5 years of crash data and the most recent 3 years of roadside inspection data from the FMCSA MCMIS system for an individual driver. The record displays a snapshot in time, based on the most recent MCMIS data load to the PSP system.

How do I remove a violation from my PSP report?

To dispute an error on your PSP, visit: https://dataqs.fmcsa.dot.gov. You will be prompted to file a request for data review (RDR). Violations that are adjudicated in court will be removed from a driver’s PSP if the driver has been found “not guilty” or the violation has been dismissed.

How do I clean up my PSP report?

Use the FMCSA DataQs to Clear CSA Points from Your PSP Driving Record. Violations from roadside inspections automatically get entered into the Safety Measurement System and may affect your CSA score, driving record, and increase the number of selected roadside inspections.

Do warnings go on your PSP?

A warning won’t go on your PSP – UNLESS the officer also does an inspection and puts the reason for the stop on the inspection report.

How much is a PSP report?

A PSP record costs $10. You need to provide the license number and license state for each license. Your record request will take just a minute or two, and you will be able to view your record on-screen or as a PDF. You can save or print your record to keep it permanently.

What does a PSP report look like?

A PSP report shows a driver’s most recent 5 years of crash data and most recent 3 years of roadsides. The report shows all information regarding a crash — such as time, date, state, injuries, fatalities, stowaways, etc. The report also shows a carrier whether the FMCSA declared the crash preventable or non preventable.

How do I check my PSP score?

For $10 you can get a copy of your PSP record from the FMCSA’s PSP web portal. Before you start the process be aware that you will also need to provide your current driver’s license number as well as each driver’s license number you’ve held in the last five years.

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