What does Relay For Life mean?

What does Relay For Life mean?

Relay For Life brings the fight against cancer to your community. Relay For Life is the ultimate team fundraiser for the American Cancer Society that brings communities together to fight cancer. It’s an opportunity for us to remember loved ones lost and honor survivors of all cancers.

Is Relay For Life a fundraiser?

The Relay for Life fundraiser is an opportunity to tell the difficult stories of battling cancer and raise funds to help those affected by cancer and support the families in their fight against the disease. Your team has already taken the first step by signing up for Relay for Life.

What can I expect at Relay For Life?

WHAT HAPPENS AT A RELAY FOR LIFE EVENT? Teams and individuals fundraise and take turns walking or running around a track or path. Music, games, food, fun and fundraising. Participants will take part in fundraising the months leading up to the event.

What can I expect at a Relay For Life event?

How many people participate in Relay For Life?

4 million people
Each year more than 4 million people in over 20 countries participate in American Cancer Society Relay For Life events.

When did the Relay For Life start?

Founded by Dr. Gordy Klatt in Washington in 1985, Relay For Life events can last up 24 hours symbolizing the battle waged around the clock by those facing cancer. In the weeks and months leading up to the event, volunteers, teams and individuals use their creativity to raise cancer-fighting dollars.

What does it mean to join a Relay For Life team?

Relay For Life is a movement, a community of like-minded survivors, caregivers, volunteers, and participants who believe that the future can be free from cancer.

What services are offered by relay for life?

Relay For Life is a group that provides students with the opportunity to serve and praise Christ in a unique way. However, before we get into this, I’d like to talk more about the important connection between prayer and service. Prayer is the essence of the soul. It fuels service for others. As Christians, we are called to follow Christ’s example.

Why you should do relay for life?

Anything helps. Your morning coffee habit may not seem like it would add up to much.

  • Men: there is a 50% chance you will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in your life.
  • You probably know someone who has been affected by cancer.
  • The American Cancer Society is legit.
  • What to expect at a relay for life event?

    Tent (s),marquees for your campsite

  • Hat,sunglasses,sunscreen and lip balm
  • Your Relay For Life shirt
  • Comfortable walking/running shoes
  • Warm clothing (pants,jackets,beanies,gloves,etc.)
  • Torch and spare batteries
  • Wet weather gear (raincoat,poncho,umbrella,etc.)
  • A change of clothes
  • Why do we participate in relay for life?

    The relay is also a great fundraiser for those who cannot walk or run several miles. Relay for Life only requires that one person from each team be on the track at all times. This allows team members to take breaks. However, team members should be able to walk for 30 minutes at a time.