What does Ronaldo always say?

What does Ronaldo always say?

What does Cristiano Ronaldo’s “Siuuuu” celebration mean? But where does the noise come from, and what does it mean? The Portuguese forward explains that it derives from “si”, the Spanish for “yes”. “I started to say ‘si’, it’s like ‘yes’, when I was in Real Madrid,” he once explained in an interview.

What does Ronaldo say about God?

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo says he was “made to be the best” and even compared himself to God. The Portuguese, current holder of the Ballon d’Or, has been a divisive figure during his brilliant career because of his arrogance, vanity and preening.

What does Ronaldo yell?

“Siuuu!” is a chant used by arguably the world’s most famous soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays for Manchester United. The word translates to “Yes” in his native Portuguese, but Ronaldo extends out the word in order for dramatic effect. It’s the shout he uses when he scores a goal, along with his iconic jump.

Why is Ronaldo inspiring?

What is Ronaldo’s motivation? Cristiano Ronaldo’s intense passion towards playing football motivates him to give his best on the football ground. His undying passion towards football made him one of the most successful footballers of all time.

Who Slapped Ronaldo?

Footage circulated on social media shows 14-year-old Everton supporter Jake Harding attempting to film Ronaldo as he left the field at the final whistle. As he walked down the tunnel, the Portuguese striker slapped Harding’s phone out of his hand.

Why does Ronaldo say suiiii?

Speaking in 2019, Ronaldo told YouTube channel Soccer.com : “I started to say ‘si’, it’s like ‘yes’, when I was in Real Madrid. When we would win, everyone would say ‘siiiii’ and so I started to say it.

Why Ronaldo is a role model?

He shows real emotions on the pitch that you can tell that he wants to win. He isn’t just good on the pitch, he is also a great role model for young players, like me. He is dedicated to training and making sure that he is fit and healthy, which adds to his game.

Why is Ronaldo my hero?

Cristiano Ronaldo is a hero because he gave a lot of money for associations for children who are not very well. He went see some children who dream to meet him, he is a hero because he inspired some little children who want become like him.

Did Ronaldo slap a phone?

Cristiano Ronaldo did not take kindly to figuring in another Manchester United defeat away at Everton, with the Portuguese superstar caught on camera appearing to slap a phone out of the hand of a Toffees supporter.