What does the black man symbolize?

What does the black man symbolize?

In the Scarlet letter Nathaniel Hawthorne uses the Black Man to symbolize the devil and his messenger in the form of Roger Chillingworth who is the devil. Hester refers to Roger as the black man because she thinks he caused all the suffering that she has gone through.

What is Roger Chillingworth’s true identity?

Yes, Roger Chillingworth did assume a false identity. Prior to doing so, his last name had been Prynne. Had Chillingworth been his real name, Hester would not have been Hester Prynne, but Hester Chillingworth.

Why does Dimmesdale keep his secret?

In The Scarlet Letter, what are some of the reasons why Dimmesdale conceals his sin from everyone in the community for seven years? Dimmesdale conceals his sin for two main reasons. First, he lacks the strength to confess. We can see this by the fact that he has to lean on Hester, begging her to think for him.

Why does Chillingworth want to keep his identity a secret?

Why does Chillingworth ask Hester to keep his identity a secret? He does not want to encounter the disgraces of the husband of a faithless woman. But it may also be for other reasons. He does not want to hear all the talk about his wife being unfaithful.

How does Dimmesdale deal with his guilt?

Dimmesdale said that once the extra sin of concealing the original sin is gone the load on the conscience lessens relieving the guilt and suffering. Hester did not have these additional burdens of guilt and suffering as Dimmesdale did.

Why does Chillingworth visits Hester in jail?

Therefore, it is Chillingworth who visits Hester in prison with every intention to cause psychological harm. Although he does help Hester with his knowledge of medicine, he does this for the sole intention of finding out what is really going on. As a result, his payment is to never have his identity reveal.

What is Chillingworth’s plan for revenge?

Revenge- Chillingworth plans to make revenge on Dimmesdale because he figures he is an evil person. Revenge is getting. Hypocrisy- Everyday, Dimmesdale has to wake up and receive the adulation of his community for being basically a saint on earth.

Does Chillingworth feel guilt?

Dimmesdale. The one person in this messy triangle who seems to escape the feeling of guilt is Chillingworth—but he gets plenty of blame. By the end of The Scarlet Letter, both Hester and Dimmesdale agree that Chillingworth is the real villain in this situation.