What does triple X syndrome do?

What does triple X syndrome do?

Trisomy X, also called triple X syndrome or 47,XXX, is characterized by the presence of an additional X chromosome in each of a female’s cells. Although females with this condition may be taller than average, this chromosomal change typically causes no unusual physical features.

How long do you live with triple X syndrome?

What is the prognosis for girls and women with triple X syndrome? Girls and women with triple X syndrome can lead normal lives. In many cases, there are no problems with sexual development or fertility. In general, early diagnosis and intervention can help to reduce developmental delays.

Are people with trisomy X fertile?

Women with Triple X usually are fertile, but they sometimes get the menopause earlier than other women. They are not generally phenotypically abnormal. Although reproductive organs, pubertal development, and fertility are normal in most cases.

Is Trisomy XA disability?

Unfortunately, there is no specific listing for Trisomy X Syndrome in the Social Security Administration’s guide to disabling conditions (the “Blue Book”), so proving total disability and obtaining disability benefits because of a diagnosis of Trisomy X Syndrome can be difficult.

What is the gender of an XXY?

A person’s physical gender (whether they have male or female sex organs) is determined by the sex chromosomes: females have two X chromosomes, or XX; most males have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome, or XY. Males with Klinefelter syndrome are born with cells that have an extra X chromosome, or XXY.

Are XXY people intersex?

Therefore, according to the NZKA, not all XXY individuals will develop Klinefelter Syndrome, for the Syndrome is simply a form of male hypogonadism, caused by a lack of testosterone: thus XXY is not an intersex condition.

Is XXY a male or female?

Usually, a female baby has 2 X chromosomes (XX) and a male has 1 X and 1 Y (XY). But in Klinefelter syndrome, a boy is born with an extra copy of the X chromosome (XXY). The X chromosome is not a “female” chromosome and is present in everyone. The presence of a Y chromosome denotes male sex.

What is XXY syndrome called?

Klinefelter syndrome (sometimes called Klinefelter’s, KS or XXY) is where boys and men are born with an extra X chromosome. Chromosomes are packages of genes found in every cell in the body. There are 2 types of chromosome, called the sex chromosomes, that determine the genetic sex of a baby.

Is an XXY a woman?

How many X chromosomes do you have if you have Triple X?

Normally, a female has two X chromosomes, one from her father and one from her mother. A female with triple X syndrome has three X chromosomes. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) 5-10 girls with triple X syndrome are born in the United States each day.

What causes an extra chromosome in Triple X syndrome?

Mosaic. Occasionally, the extra chromosome results from an incorrect cell division caused by a random event early in the embryo’s development. If this is the case, the child has a mosaic form of triple X syndrome, and only some cells have the extra X chromosome. Females with the mosaic form may have less obvious symptoms.

What is the meaning of Triple X?

Overview. Triple X, also called trisomy X and 47,XXX, is a genetic condition that occurs when a girl receives three X chromosomes from her parents. Typically, girls only receive two X chromosomes.

What does the XY pair mean in Triple X syndrome?

If the child receives a Y chromosome from the father, the XY pair means the child is genetically a male. Females with triple X syndrome have a third X chromosome from a random error in cell division.