What does Valhalla room do?

What does Valhalla room do?

ValhallaRoom is a versatile, true stereo algorithmic reverb. It features twelve original reverberation algorithms (including the latest Dark reverb modes, Nostromo, Narcissus, Sulaco and LV-426), and produces a wide range of natural reverberation sounds.

Is Valhalla supermassive a reverb?

Supermassive has 16 out-of-this-world reverb/delay modes: Gemini: Fast attack, shorter decay, high echo density.

Is Valhalla reverb good for vocals?

Is Valhallaroom good for Vocals?? Yeah, I think it has some really good plate presets. This and Softube TSAR-1 are my go-to vocal verbs at the moment. It always depends what your looking for but yea it works great on vocals over here.

What is a room reverb?

Room reverb, as the name suggests, is closely related to a Hall reverb. They are both designed to simulate the natural sound of acoustic spaces. The main difference between them is that rooms are smaller spaces, which means that sounds travel much faster thru them and the decay is always quicker.

What is room reverb good for?

Room Reverb Room reverbs impart a natural color and liveliness to a track and also offer — in my humble opinion — the most rock ‘n’ roll-sounding vibe. They’re also the easiest to fit inconspicuously into a mix. Room reverbs are appropriate for vocals, guitars, pianos, drums — just about everything.

Which reverb should I use?

Room reverbs work well on most instrument types. Shorter rooms tend to sound better on uptempo songs, while longer reverb times work best when there’s plenty of time between hits to hear the decay. Since room reverbs cover such a broad range of sounds and styles, they tend to work well in almost any mix.

What is the lightest reverb in Valhalla room?

Narcissus is also the “lightest” reverb mode in Valhalla Room, with a very low CPU hit. Dark, lush, wide, with random modulation that quickly builds into rich chorusing. The little sibling of Nostromo, but it is still big.

What makes Valhalla room so unique?

ValhallaRoom has been designed from a psychoacoustic perspective. Instead of creating a simplified physical model of a simplified physical space, Room generates early and late acoustic energy that provides the spatial and phase cues needed to create an “idealized” room impression.

Is Valhalla room stereo or stereo out?

ValhallaRoom is true stereo; the Early and Late reverb sections are both stereo-in, stereo-out. The spread of energy between the stereo channels can be controlled over time, which helps preserve the input spatial image.

What is Valhalla room software?

ValhallaRoom relates to Multimedia Tools. The latest version of the software can be installed on PCs running Windows XP/7/8/10, 32-bit. The following versions: 1.5, 1.1 and 1.0 are the most frequently downloaded ones by the program users. Valhalla Room is a true stereo algorithmic reverb.