What drama is Jinyoung?

What drama is Jinyoung?

He is a member of the boy band Got7 and boy band duo JJ Project. He made his acting debut in the drama Dream High 2 (2012) followed by a series of supporting roles until he landed a main role in He Is Psychometric (2019).

Why did Jinyoung change his stage name?

He ultimately decided to start using his real name instead back in August 2016, after talking about it with his family. “After promoting as Junior, I wanted to try promoting with my real name,” Jinyoung explained. “I went back to [using] my real name because I wanted to show how I’ve grown with my name change.”

Is jinyoung a unisex name?

Jin-young (Korean: 진영), also spelled Jin-yeong or Jean-young, is a unisex Korean given name.

When did Junior become jinyoung?

Starting now, GOT7’s Junior will be called Jinyoung! On the evening of August 15, he took to his Twitter account to let fans know about the change he’s made to his stage name, as well as shared a cute selfie. He writes, “From today on, I’ll be carrying out my activities as Jinyoung instead of Junior.

Who is Got7 Jinyoung best friend?

After explaining their first impressions of each other Jinyoung said that Jackson is his teacher in life and best friend.

Why did Got7 leave JYP?

“Our way and JYP’s way, it was just different. The way they looked at our solo promotions was different,” elaborated the idol. “I understand because JYP is a big company but, for me, I wanted more of a role in my work. I’m not trying to be a superstar, I just wanted to be me.”

Which GOT7 member did JYP not want?

GOT7’s Jackson Wang just revealed some information regarding his terms and conditions while working under JYP entertainment. He revealed the reason why he couldn’t release or promote his solo albums in South Korea. He shared the information with the DIVE studio’s podcast Get Real.

How old is jinyoung from GOT7?

27 years (September 22, 1994)Jinyoung / Age

When did jinyoung join JYP?

In 2009, Jinyoung participated in JYP Entertainment’s fifth open audition and worked together with JB, eventually winning first place with him against 10,000 other participants. He made his debut as an actor in 2012 with the KBS drama Dream High 2.

Is Jinyoung a unisex name?

Who is JB closest to in GOT7?

1. JJP- JB & JINYOUNG they debuted together as dua long before got7 . so they have spent so many years together also they r the parents of the group . they both have quite similar personality .

Who is handsome in GOT7?

Jackson Wang is one of the most loved members of GOT7. He is undoubtedly handsome and also multi-talented.