What happens in season 6 episode 2 of The Walking Dead?

What happens in season 6 episode 2 of The Walking Dead?

“JSS” is the second episode of the sixth season of the post-apocalyptic horror television series The Walking Dead, which aired on AMC on October 18, 2015. The episode was written by Seth Hoffman and directed by Jennifer Lynch. Carol kills the Wolves who invade Alexandria, in disguise as one of them.

Who is the JSS girl walking dead?

Enid wanders the woods alone, foraging for food and killing walkers. She repeatedly writes the letters “JSS” (Just Survive Somehow) in tortoise bones, dirt, and dusty windows.

What does JSS stand for Walking Dead?

JSSS6:E2 The Walking Dead “JSS” was Enid’s way of saying, “Just Survive Somehow.” This was evidenced by the note she left for Carl before disappearing following the Wolves attack on Alexandria.

Why is s6e1 twd in black and white?

This is a visually striking and well balanced between character development and action. This episode jumps between time periods and uses black and white cinematography to help us keep track.

Who put the W on the walkers head?

They are the main antagonists of the first half of Season 6 and appear to be the TV series version of The Scavengers from the comics. They have a habit of killing people and carving the letter “W” on their foreheads as well as spray painting their “Wolves not Far” tagline wherever they go.

Why did Rick lead the walkers to Alexandria?

While the walker problem in the quarry was very important, Rick Grimes jumped to taking care of the problem. He enlisted members of his group and many of those in Alexandria to open the path for zombies to get out, and then lead the large group of them away from the community.

Did michonne Take the peanut butter bar?

The showrunner added that he was surprised so many people were “aghast” Michonne ate the bar and didn’t own up to it, saying, “There’s a lot of bad things going on right now. Let her have the protein bar.” So there it is. Michonne definitely took Morgan’s peanut butter bar.

What did Carl’s letter say Enid?

Read more: Here’s what Carl’s letter said to Negan It was creepy. Enid later explained “JSS” meant “just survive somehow,” and it was the mantra that kept her going in the zombie apocalypse. After befriending Carl, he basically told Enid that there’s more to life than that.

Was Enid a spy for the Wolves?

There’s been talk of Enid being a traitor for quite some time. It was first thought she might be a spy for the Wolves. That was untrue.

Who was the girl Rick found in the woods?

Rick is checking the traps when he encounters a woman named Clara (Kerry Condon), whom he initially mistakes for a walker. She asks if he is with a group and begs him to take her and her husband Eddie in. She leads Rick to her small campsite, where she suddenly moves to attack him.

Did you take one of my protein bars?

“Michonne,” Morgan said, “Back when you were in that place where I lived . . . Did you take one of my protein bars?” When Michonne said she hadn’t, Morgan pressed further: “See, I could have sworn there was one more peanut butter left.”

Who took Morgans protein bar?

87 subscribers. the walking dead did Michonne take Morgan’s protein bar?

Why did Negan care about Carl?

He genuinely respected Carl to the point where he had plans to groom him to be a Savior. Despite threatening to kill him more than once, he became emotional when he heard that Carl had passed away.

When does The Walking Dead Episode 2 come out?

This is the Walkthrough for Episode 2 of the Walking Dead, ” Starved for Help”. The episode launched on June 27th 2012 for Xbox Live, and June 29th 2012 for other platforms. The episode follows Lee Everett and the survivors as they encounter other survivor groups in the woods, around the motel and also at a dairy farm nearby.

What are the best episodes of The Walking Dead?

– Warning: There are minor spoilers ahead for “The Walking Dead.” – The next two episodes of “TWD” are action-packed with new faces, a few twists, and new threats. – With 16 episodes left, they’re two of the final season’s best episodes yet.

Do they find Sophia in The Walking Dead Season 2?

Sophia Peletier was killed off in The Walking Dead season 2 through a heart-wrenching turn of events, but the character’s fate was much different in the comics. Madison Lintz portrayed the young character for the first two seasons of the AMC apocalyptic drama.

Who died on the season 6 ‘Walking Dead’ finale?

Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun)

  • Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus)
  • Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz)