What is a 18350 battery?

What is a 18350 battery?

Lithium 18350 battery is a rechargeable 3.6-3.7V battery commonly used in high-drain devices including flashlights, cameras and other photo equipment, medical and security systems, etc.

Is 18350 the same as CR123A?

The 18350 has a larger diameter. The capacity is much lower than the CR123, even the 18350 battery has lower capacity (But more energy, due to the higher voltage). When using these batteries in CR123 flashlight the brightness will usual be higher and the runtime even shorter than the lower capacity suggest.

Are 18350 batteries lithium?

18350 Batteries are powerful and efficient rechargeable cells that utilize advanced Lithium-ion chemistry. We also carry a variety of battery chargers compatible with 18350 batteries.

Are all 18350 batteries the same size?

An 18350 cell means it’s 18mm in diameter and 35mm long. The zero at the end simply means it’s cylindrical. Some 18650 and 18350 cells will differ in length…but only slightly. The difference is with those that are “protected”.

What is a 16340 battery?

The 16340 battery (or RCR123A) is a cylindrical li-ion cell classified by its 34mm x 16mm dimensions, and is the rechargeable version of a CR123A battery. They usually have a 3.6V or 3.7V voltage, button-top terminal, and most use a LiCoO2 (lithium carbon-oxide) chemistry.

What is the difference between a CR123 and a CR123A battery?

Are CR123 and CR123A batteries the Same? It’s safe to say the only major difference between the two is the letter A. When you compare their functionality, performance, lifespan and chemistry, the two are essentially one and the same thing.

Can I replace a CR123A battery with a 123 battery?

You can choose to replace your Duracell CR123 with a non-rechargeable 123 lithium cell from other manufacturers like the EL123A from Energizer (see table below).

What is the difference between a CR123 and CR123A battery?

Can I use CR123A instead of 16340?

No. While all three of these batteries share the same dimensions, they have distinctly different voltages due to their chemistries. CR123A batteries use lithium chemistry (often LiMNO2), have a 3V nominal voltage, and are not rechargeable.

Whats the difference between a CR123 and a CR123A?