What is a behavior GameSalad?

What is a behavior GameSalad?

Behaviors are actions that you can assign to actors to control how they interact, move, and change appearance.

How to copy scene in GameSalad?

To copy an existing scene, you can either hold down the Alt key and drag a copy of the existing scene to the desired location within the scene list, or highlight the scene you wish to copy, and use the standard shortcuts to copy/paste (Control+c to copy and Control+v to paste).

How do you make a character on GameSalad?

How to Create a Movable Character in GameSalad

  1. Go to the Library at the top-left of the program and click the “Actor” tab (the one with the person icon on it) and click “Create an Actor”:
  2. Double-click on the “Actor 1” name that shows up in the library window and change the name to “Player”.

What is a scene in a game?

Scenes are the building blocks of your game. They contain the objects of your game and provide an essential way to organize different sections of your game. For example, you may create a scene for the initial menu for the game, another for an individual game level, another to end the game, etc.

What is a boolean in Gamesalad?

Boolean: these are true/false values. One example use for this could the status of a button or door, where “true” would be open / on, and “false” would be closed / off. All Actors start with at least one boolean attribute by default under “physics” in their attribute list to toggle whether or not the actor is movable.

What is the difference between an actor attribute and a game attribute?

Game attributes can be accessed by all actor prototypes and instances so that they can be seen in any scene. Scene attributes can only be accessed in a particular scene but all actor instances in that scene can individually be edited to view, use, and modify those scene attributes.

What are pre-rendered cutscenes?

Pre-rendering is the process in which video footage is not rendered in real-time by the hardware that is outputting or playing back the video. Instead, the video is a recording of footage that was previously rendered on different equipment (typically one that is more powerful than the hardware used for playback).

What are the different elements of an actor that can be configured in Stencyl?

Every actor can be broken up into a few common elements.

  • Appearance – How the actor looks or appears in-game.
  • Behavior – How the actor behaves or acts.
  • Physics – How the actor interacts with the world when it collides with it.