What is a good score on the APES exam?

What is a good score on the APES exam?

Receiving a 3, 4, or 5 is commonly accepted as scoring well on an AP® exam. According to the College Board a 3 is ‘qualified,’ a 4 ‘well qualified,’ and a 5 ‘extremely well qualified. ‘ Depending on the school you plan to attend, college credits can be available for scores within the 3-5 range.

Is the APES test hard?

The difficulty level of the AP Environmental Science exam is generally considered higher than that of other AP exams, as demonstrated in the following table. While more than 71% of students received a passing score on average across all AP exams in May 2020, only 53% passed the AP Environmental Science exam.

What percent is a 5 on APES?

Grade distribution

Year Score percentages
5 Mean
2015 7.5% 2.58
2016 7.6% 2.55
2017 9.5% 2.67

What is the passing rate for APES?

The AP® Environmental Science exam has seen a steady passing rate at around 50%. The number of students who received a 4 or better was even lower at 33.9%, with less than 12% of the test takers receiving a 5 on this exam. In 2021, the mean score for the AP® Environmental Science exam was 2.67.

Is APES or AP Psych easier?

AP Environmental Science and AP Psychology tie for the easiest AP class. However, you will still have to work to earn a 5 on the exams. You still have to keep up with the classes, study, and practice. But, these are great courses to mix in while taking harder APs and should be great GPA boosts.

Is APES an easy 5?

Compared to other double-blocked sciences, APES has a 47.5% pass rate. Only 8.5% of the people that pass receive 5’s. The average for AP exam (2018) was 2.7. AP Chemistry, on the other hand, has a higher passing rate at 54.9% and AP Biology has the highest at 61.5%.

Is a calculator allowed on the apes exam?

You can bring up to 2 permitted calculators to the exam. Be sure to bring calculators that you’re familiar with and that are in good working order. You don’t need to clear your calculators’ memories before or after the exam.