What is a Hirose adapter?

What is a Hirose adapter?

Law Enforcement/High Professional Grade Hirose 6 Pin Radio Adapter. Connector allows for easy quick disconnect, detach, connect in a swift & rapid form.

What is a D-sub plug?

A D-sub connector, also called a D-sub miniature, is an electrical connector commonly used in computers. D-sub connectors feature parallel rows of connector pins, surrounded by a metal shield. The shield is shorter on one side, resembling the D English letter.

What is OSP connector?

OSP connectors are available for semi-rigid cables in both a direct solder and OSCC Solderless Compression Crimp attachment and for many MIL-DTL-17 flexible cables with crimp attachment.

What is a SMP connector?

The SMP interface is a subminiature interface in the same scale as MMCX connectors but offers a frequency range of DC to 40 GHz. It is commonly used in miniaturized high frequency coaxial modules and is offered in both push-on and snap-on mating styles.

What is D-sub signal?

When used as a monitor interface, a D-Sub port is also known as a VGA port, an analog connection standard that’s been around for some time. The connector is a DE-15 connector with 15 pins in three rows, often referred to as a “mini-D-Sub 15-pin” or “D-Sub 15-pin” connector.

Is SMP the same as GPPO?

SMP connectors are miniature push-on connectors, originally marketed by the Gilbert company (now Corning Gilbert) during the 1980’s under the trade name GPO, which signifies “Gilbert push-on”. Subsequent versions of the connector include GPPO, G3PO, and G4PO, all of which are trademarks belonging to Corning.

Is Mini SMP the same as SMPM?

Pasternack Mini SMP connectors, also known as SMPM connectors, are ultra-miniature, high frequency connectors commonly used in applications up to 65 GHz. Mini SMP connectors in this category will terminate to coax or PCB (printed circuit board) and many mini-SMP connectors are hermetically sealed.

Is D-Sub connector same as VGA?

Is IPEX and UFL same?

Both these connectors are used to connect antenna to Mini PCI cards. An acquaintance told me it’s just a difference in the brand name. IPEX connectors are a bit cheaper and easier to obtain than U. FL (at least in China, it seems).

What is a U fl antenna?

FL, I-PEX MHF, AMC or UMCC is a miniature RF connector for high-frequency signals up to 6 GHz manufactured by Hirose Electric Group, I-PEX, and others.

What does RP-SMA stand for?

Reverse polarity SMA (RP-SMA) is a variation of the SMA connector specification which reverses the gender of the interface, as shown in Figures 1-4 below. The term “reverse polarity” refers only to the gender of the connector’s contact pin, not in any way to the signal polarity.