What is a lion cub scout?

What is a lion cub scout?

Lion Scouts is a fun introduction to the Scouting program for kindergarten-age boys and girls eager to get going! Lions do adventures with their adult partners and other Lions every month. This program introduces youth and their families to Scouting and the outdoors as it builds a foundation of character.

What comes after Tigers in Cub Scouts?

Cub Scouts who join a pack are assigned to dens with ideally six to eight members, usually based on age: Lion Scouts (kindergarten), Tiger Scouts (first grade), Wolf Scouts (second grade), Bear Scouts (third grade), and Webelos Scouts (fourth and fifth grades).

What age does Tiger Cubs start?

The Tiger Cub program is for first-grade (or age 7) boys and their adult partners. There are five Tiger Cub achievement areas. The Tiger Cub, working with his adult partner, completes 15 requirements within these areas to earn the Tiger Cub badge.

How often do Tiger Cub Scouts meet?

When Do Tiger Cub Dens Meet? To experience the fun, excitement, and other benefits of Scouting, Tiger Cubs and their adult partners attend four meetings each month. Twice a month they will meet at the host family home or place of choice for a den meeting.

What is after Tigers in Cub Scouts?

What is after Tiger Scout?

Tiger – 1st Grade. Wolf – 2nd Grade. Bear – 3rd Grade. Webelos – 4th and 5th Grade.

What age are Lion Scouts?

5 years old
A: The Lion pilot is a Boy Scouts of America program that is designed to introduce kindergarten-age boys and their families to the fun of Scouting. Q: Who are Lions? A: The kindergarten-age boys participating are called Lions. Lions must be 5 years old or the year before First Grade and not yet 7 years old.

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Do parents attend Cub Scout meetings?

Cub Scout den meetings are intended to be an activity for the individual boys and girls. They are not a family activity, and the presence of parents can be a distraction. However, parental involvement is not forbidden and all meetings should be open to your participation.

How much of a time commitment is Cub Scouts?

The Cub Scout program is designed to complement many other extracurricular activities. Typical time commitment is two Den meetings and one Pack meeting per month.

When did Cub Scouts get Tigers?

Tiger Cubs began in 1982 as a means of starting boys and their parents in Scouting one year sooner, and was partly based on the Boy Scouts of Canada’s Beaver program (the first such pre-Cub-Scout program).

Can a 5 year old join Cub Scouts?

Early Years, Scouts for 4 and 5 year olds | Scouts.