What is a passing grade at Midlands Tech?

What is a passing grade at Midlands Tech?

MTC has established a licensure examination pass rate criteria of 80%, and threshold of +/- 5% on first-time licensure exam test takers across all programs to align with SCTCS formulas and requirement.

How many credit hours is full time at Midlands Tech?

12 credit hours
All components of the cost of attendance budgets are for the 2021-2022 academic year (Fall and Spring terms). The figures reflect estimated costs for a student enrolled full-time (12 credit hours) per term.

How do I drop out of Midlands Tech?

You must officially withdraw from a class to receive a refund. Contact the Continuing Education Registration Office at 803.732. 0432, option 1. You may also request a transfer into another class, or you can send someone else in your place if the substitute student has completed any required prerequisites.

Does Midlands Technical College have sports?

Midlands Technical College Athletics Programs – College Factual.

Does Midlands Tech require ACT?

Or, applicants must be at least 18 years old to be considered for admission. > Applicants must provide qualifying scores from MTC placement testing, SAT®/ACT®, or transcripts to be admitted.

Does Midlands Tech have a mascot?

Mav the Maverick is the physical and visual incarnation of our college community,” said MTC President Dr. Ron Rhames. In the spring of this year, students, faculty, staff, and friends of the college cast votes. Mavericks were the unanimous winner in every voting group over the Rhinos, Navigators, and Owls.

How long is the Midlands Tech Placement test?

about three and a half hours
Although the college’s placement test is not timed, most students who take the entire test will need about three and a half hours to complete the test. You may qualify to exempt all or part of the MTC placement test if you meet certain criteria.

Who owns Midlands Technical College?

MTC is now part of the South Carolina Technical College System. One of South Carolina’s largest two-year colleges, Midlands Technical College enrolls approximately 25,000 students annually seeking to develop career-skills or transfer to a four-year institution.

What is a passing accuplacer score?

College level scores are as follows: Classic Accuplacer Test: Passing score for Arithmetic is 77. Passing score for Algebra is 76. Passing score for English Basic Skills (EBS) is 250 total of the three English tests.