What is a Spanish cracker?

What is a Spanish cracker?

Tortas de Aceite, or Spanish olive oil crackers, are thin, crispy, yeasted crackers chockfull of olive oil and sprinkled with sugar.

What do the French call crackers?

avoir le cerveau fêlé

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• crackers → avoir le cerveau fêlé ↔ einen Sprung in der Schüssel haben

What is the Spanish word for pretzels?

galleta salada in Spanish is “PRETZEL”.

What does Oreos mean in Spanish?

More meanings for oreo. airing noun. ventilación, publicación, paseo para tomar el aire. Oreo.

What is a Christmas cracker called in French?

noun. pétard de Noël en forme de papillote que deux personnes font exploser en tirant dessus afin de découvrir un petit cadeau, une plaisanterie et un chapeau. Copyright © by HarperCollins Publishers. All rights reserved.

Do the French have Christmas crackers?

Sadly, crackers have never become part of French Christmas traditions.

What does Mazapan mean in Spanish slang?

noun. confection of almond paste, sugar and egg white.

What does Oreo mean in Italian?

biscotto al cioccolato farcito di vaniglia {noun} Oreo.

What were crackers called in Victorian times?

The original crackers were love tokens; neither more nor less. They were simply bits of twisted and fringed colored tissue paper, with a sweet and a little verse inside; and they were called “Kisses.” The French were the first to have these, and called them “bon-bons,” but the fashion soon spread to England.

What were crackers first called?

Crackers were also nicknamed called ‘cosaques’ and were thought to be named after the ‘Cossack’ soldiers who had a reputation for riding on their horses and firing guns into the air.

What do they call popcorn in Spain?

Las palomitas de maíz Palomitas (little pigeons) is the name in Spanish that many generations have used for popcorn.

How do Colombians say popcorn?

How to Say “Popcorn” in Spanish in Every Latin American Country

  1. Colombia: crispetas or maíz pira.
  2. Cuba: rositas de maíz.
  3. Dominican Republic: cocaleca.
  4. Ecuador: canguil.
  5. Guatemala: poporopo.
  6. Mexico: palomitas de maíz.
  7. Peru: canchita.
  8. Puerto Rico: popcorn or poscon. Spain: tostón.