What is a wipeout in skiing?

What is a wipeout in skiing?

(informal) to fall over, especially when you are doing a sport such as skiing or surfing She wiped out at the third gate in the slalom race.

What does skiing out mean?

Simply put, skiing out means missing a gate at any point during a ski race. The consequences of doing so are instant elimination from the event even if it spans multiple runs, as slalom, giant slalom and the combined events do at the Winter Olympics.

What do skiers like to say?

“Pow” is one of the most frequently used for powder and is typically presented in expressions such as, “I skied some sick pow today,” or, “the pow was knee-deep.” Another favorite used similarly: “the gnar.” Ride: To snowboard (and sometimes ski).

What is a yard sale in skiing?

YARD SALE Definition: This is when a skier crashes and loses everything such as their outerwear, skies, poles, goggles, beanies, and gloves. Everything is scattered all over the hill.

What is a death cookie in skiing?

During the day, the warm spring sun turns snow to mush. Then, if grooming machines work a run before there’s a deep freeze, they chew up the slope’s surface, leaving chunks in their wake. When the chunks freeze, they turn into what are affectionately known as “death cookies.”

What does butter mean in skiing?

Buttering is the act of using your skis’ flex pattern to “pop” off the ground while spinning. Start slow when you’re first learning. Once you develop the skill, you can add speed, which will load your skis and give you more pop. STEP 2: USE YOUR TAILS. One of the most common buttering tricks is the tail butter 360.

What does gaper mean in skiing?

Gaper [gey-per] noun: 1. A skier or snowboarder who is completely clueless. 2. An acronym meaning Guaranteed Accident Prone on Every Run. (

Do skiers shred?

5 Local Skiers & Snowboarders Share What It Means to Shred. From the point of view of this very out-of-practice skier, shredding is a term that applies to a certain niche of slope-destroying, fear-defying rebels ready to tackle any mountain with a casual smirk and a toss of their wind-strewn hair.

What is a poppy ski?

Poppy / Energetic: Skis that rebound / bounce back when you bend them. This could be after the apex of a hard-carved turn on groomers, or when flexing the ski before the takeoff of a jump or drop, in order to get more air.

What is a bluebird in skiing?

Bluebird is a distinctly American term for “a period of time characterized by sunny, cloudless weather, typically after a night of snowfall,” the term seems to be most popularly used in skiing, but there are examples of its usage in the hunting world as well.

Why does slalom have two poles?

Why are two poles in a slalom race? Slalom gates are set closely together. Because a “gate” formed by two poles requires a skier to go “through” it rather than “around” it a skier can take a different path through the gates.

What happens if you miss a gate in giant slalom?

Missing a gate in alpine skiing If a skier misses a gate, he or she is disqualified from the competition, unless he or she hikes uphill and successfully passes through the missed gate. However, the time expense for doing this often makes it not worth the effort.