What is an alternative for depression?

What is an alternative for depression?

Meditation: Meditation has many benefits including helping you with stress and anxiety and entering a place of stillness and calm. Massage: The release of serotonin and dopamine, and the decrease of cortisol during a massage may help improve the symptoms of depression, lessen pain and improve sleep.

What can I do instead of taking antidepressants?

Several treatments can be used instead of antidepressants for treating depression and other mental health conditions.

  • Talking therapies. Cognitive behavioural therapy.
  • Exercise.
  • Self-help groups.
  • Lithium.
  • Electric shock treatment.

What is the best initial treatment for depression?

Choosing an antidepressant — For the initial treatment of severe depression, we use serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).

How can I replace my antidepressant naturally?

Natural antidepressants

  1. SAM-e.
  2. St. John’s Wort.
  3. Omega-3 fatty acids. Some types of fatty fish, such as tuna and albacore, contain omega-3 fatty acids.
  4. Lavender. People anecdotally talk about the benefits of lavender, including its relaxing properties, and how it helps them get a good night’s sleep.
  5. 5-HTP.
  6. DHEA.

How can I improve my mental health without medication?

As you start to feel better, you can add more challenging daily goals.

  1. Exercise. It temporarily boosts feel-good chemicals called endorphins.
  2. Eat healthy.
  3. Get enough sleep.
  4. Challenge negative thoughts.
  5. Check with your doctor before using supplements.
  6. Do something new.
  7. Avoid alcohol and other drugs.

How do you treat mental illness without medication?

Things like therapy, brain stimulation, supplements, and self-care are scientifically-backed as effective ways to reduce the symptoms of certain mental illnesses.

How can I get serotonin instantly?

Read on to learn about different ways to increase serotonin naturally.

  1. Food. You can’t directly get serotonin from food, but you can get tryptophan, an amino acid that’s converted to serotonin in your brain.
  2. Exercise.
  3. Bright light.
  4. Supplements.
  5. Massage.
  6. Mood induction.

Which fruit is good for depression?

Including These 4 Fruits Which May Help Manage Depression Better

  • Blueberries. Foods rich in antioxidants like blueberries, dark chocolate, etc have also been known to promote resilience, alertness and positive mood.
  • Carrots.
  • Grapes.
  • Bananas.