What is an example of a litotes in literature?

What is an example of a litotes in literature?

Litotes in Literature Of course, figurative language was made for fiction writing. Here are some samples that include a litotes: “The sword wasn’t useless to the warrior.” – Beowulf. “I am no prophet and here’s no great matter.” – The Lovesong of J.

What is an Apophasis in literature?

British Dictionary definitions for apophasis apophasis. / (əˈpɒfəsɪs) / noun. rhetoric the device of mentioning a subject by stating that it will not be mentionedI shall not discuss his cowardice or his treachery.

How do you use auxesis in a sentence?

She stages this well-made play with cinematic techniques like stills, a dense auxesis and a good sense of humour, which delights season ticket holders and a young audience alike. Botanists do still distinguish between auxesis or growth by expansion, and merisis or growth by cell-multiplication.

What is an example of Paralipsis?

Definition of Paralipsis Also, paralipsis is a way of emphasizing a subject by apparently passing over it. This is one of the finest contemporary examples of paralipsis: “I’m not saying I’m responsible for this country’s longest run of uninterrupted peace in 35 years!

What is an example of apophasis?

Definition of apophasis 1 : the raising of an issue by claiming not to mention it (as in “we won’t discuss his past crimes”) … he indulges himself in apophasis about his ex-wives (“No, I am most definitely not making any charges or accusations. It’s merely that …”).—

What are some examples of bathos?

Examples of Bathos in Literature The Mary Tyler Moore Show had an episode that involved the death of the clown Chuckles, who was killed very brutally by a stampeding elephant. Everyone on the station keeps making jokes about it that Mary does not approve of.

What is bathos give example?

(beɪθɒs ) uncountable noun. In literary criticism, bathos is a sudden change in speech or writing from a serious or important subject to a ridiculous or very ordinary one. [technical] Synonyms: anticlimax, disappointment, sentimentality, letdown More Synonyms of bathos.

What is the difference between apophasis and paralipsis?

cataphasis: a kind of paralipsis in which one explicitly affirms the negative qualities that one then passes over. apophasis: allusion to something by denying that it will be mentioned, as in I will not bring up my opponent’s questionable financial dealings.

What does metanoeo mean?

The Greek writers used the Greek word metanoeo to refer to repentance. Metanoeo means a change of mind, thought, or thinking so powerful that it changes one’s very way of life. I think the Greek word metanoeo is an excellent synonym for the Hebrew word shub.

What is an example of an understatement?

You are out to dinner with a friend who spills food down the front of her white shirt. A polite understatement would be: “Really, it’s hardly noticeable.” You get the highest grade in the class. A modest understatement would be: “I did OK on that test.”

What is an example of understatement in literature?

Understatements are also found in poetry and literature. An understatement plays with the readers expectations—downplaying a situation when the reader might imagine a more intense response. Some examples include: In J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield says, “I have to have this operation. It isn’t very serious.

What is the response to an understatement?

Often times, the response to one is “Well, that is an understatement!”. An understatements is a common figure of speech. It can be used in literature, poetry, song and daily speech. Making an understatement minimizes the severity of a situation, draws in the reader and can be used to make others feel better.

What are some examples of understatement in aviation?

For example, when British Airways flight 9 lost all four of its engines, the captain made the following announcement, which has since come to be regarded as a masterpiece of understatement: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking.

What is an example of modest understatement?

A modest understatement is used instead of bragging or boasting about something. For example, winning your first trophy and saying it was “not a big deal” when it really was a big deal.