What is Automotive Rentals incorporated?

What is Automotive Rentals incorporated?

Who is Automotive Rentals, Inc. (ARI) and what is their background in the fleet industry? ARI is the world’s largest privately held fleet management company. They have been providing fleet management services since 1948, and they currently manage 725,000 vehicles for more than 2,000 clients in North America.

What does Ari fleet stand for?

Automotive Resources International
Automotive Resources International (ARI), also known as ARI Fleet, or ARI Fleet Management, was founded in 1948 as a subsidiary of the New Jersey-based Holman Automotive Group and today provides a world-class fleet management solution.

Is ARI Now Holman?

ARI Fleet UK will be known as Holman from today (Monday, March 28) following a global rebrand and reorganisation. The move will see the entire global organisation, including retail dealerships, vehicle up-fitters and fleet management, come under the Holman name.

Who bought ARI Fleet?

The family-run Holman business has more than 40 dealerships, parts distribution, and vehicle uplift businesses in addition to the five ARI Fleet divisions running across the world.

What is ARI report?

ARI, Automotive Resources International, introduced ARI Driver Watch, its new road safety observation reporting program which promotes safer driving. The program involves placing decals on vehicles with a vehicle unit number and a reporting phone number.

Did Ari get bought out by Holman?

Holman Enterprises, the parent company of the vehicle lessor ARI, announced that it has acquired the leasing portfolio of Lend Lease Cars Inc.

Did ARI become Holman?

Fleet management and funding specialist ARI has rebranded as Holman. The change is part of a wider group-level unification of the automotive services organisation under the Holman name.

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