What is Barfi movie about?

What is Barfi movie about?

Shruti loves Barfi, a hearing and speech-impaired man, but marries someone else. Years later, she learns that he is in love with an autistic girl, and feels the need to rethink her own marriage.Barfi / Film synopsis

Is Barfi an emotional movie?

As Barfi!’s emotional barometer hikes-up, one cannot help but applaud Basu’s distinctive transformation into a cinema-auteur. Basu, in total command of his dominion, offsets a characteristic divide between Barfi’s initial romance with Shruti and his more intuitive, and involuntary, attachment with Jhilmil.

Is Barfi a real story?

Barfi movie is a TRUE story based on Indian National Congress… A Deaf and Mute man behind a mentally challenged lady.

Why is Barfi a good movie?

‘Barfi! ‘ Written & Directed by Anurag Basu, is a Masterful Film, that ranks amongst the best films of 2012. A simple, heartwarming, emotional & feel-good film, that also offers outstanding performances, brilliant music & fabulous cinematography.

What happens at the end of Barfi?

Barfi and Jhilmil have a happy reunion over there and the two end up getting married. 34 years later, an elderly Barfi is shown to be severely ill in the hospital where Jhilmil lies with him on the hospital bed and they die together.

Which movie is Barfi based on?

It is taken from 2004 romantic drama, The Notebook. VII Even the end scene where Ranbir and Priyanka die together, sleeping in each other’s arms, is directly copied from The Notebook. VIII The scene where Ranbir walks into a door and his nose gets bent is taken from 1952 American musical comedy Singin’ in the Rain.

What is the moral of Barfi movie?

The biggest risk in life is not taking any risks As Shruti learnt from Barfi early in the movie, not taking any risks is the biggest risk in life. Only when we take risks, we can create something new. Starting something of your own is a great risk, as it involves breaking away from the normal.

Is Barfi a masterpiece?

Any director attempting to make such a movie must be prepared to put his career in a coffin before taking his first shot. But people who have succeeded ended up creating a masterpiece. Barfi is just that – a masterpiece which is comparable to India’s best films.

Does Barfi have a happy ending?

Until finally, at the end, Ayushmann decides he will keep the secret, let Kriti marry Rajkummar since she seems so happy, and even writes a letter as Rajkummar to be read at the engagement because it will make Kriti happy. But Rajkummar loses his voice and asks Ayushmann to read it instead.

What disease Priyanka Chopra had in Barfi?

Priyanka Chopra has played countless glamourous roles in her almost 20-year-long Bollywood career but the role of an autistic girl, Jhilmil, in Anurag Basu’s Barfi remains one of her most admired characters.

Who is richer Ranbir or Alia?

Alia’s net worth was valued at ₹517 crore in 2021. In comparison, Ranbir’s net worth, according to Duff and Phelps, was ₹203 crore last year.

How much does Anushka Sharma charge for a movie?

Anushka Sharma’s monthly income is 1 Crore+. She also charges money for her movies in Bollywood. Anushka per movie fee is 7 Crore INR.

Who is a better actor Alia or Deepika?

Honestly answer of this question is Deepika Padukone ,she is really good actor and experienced then alia ,I m not saying that alia is not good or she can’t act ,alia batt is also a one of the most talented actor we have right now,but it is not fair compare both of them because Deepika is more senior to her , Deepika …