What is DD Boost in Data Domain?

What is DD Boost in Data Domain?

EMC Data Domain Boost software, also known as DD Boost, is designed to offload part of the Data Domain deduplication process to a backup server or application client. That prevents the Data Domain disk array from having to carry the full burden of the dedupe workload.

What is DD cloud tier?

Data Domain Cloud Tier (DD Cloud Tier) is a function of the Data Domain storage appliance itself. With DD Cloud Tier, Data Domain can natively tier deduplicated data to the cloud. No separate cloud gateway or virtual appliance is required.

What is DD MTree?

DataDomain MTree Dell EMC defines an MTree as logical partitions of the file system and they are identified by a unique name. MTrees are used to create (protocols can be mixed, except VTL): DD Boost storage units. VTL pools.

Which backup applications can send data directly to a PowerProtect DD appliance?

It supports AWS, AWS Gov Cloud, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and Dell Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS).

What is DD Boost FS?

Instructions. The DataDomain BOOST FS is a new feature available with for DDOS 6. x and later by which customers may leverage the BOOST libraries to access a remote DD storage unit by locally mounting on any supported Linux server, without the need for the backup application to have a custom BOOST library or plugin.

What is a benefit of EMC Data Domain Boost?

EMC Data Domain Boost This enables 50% faster backups and reduces network bandwidth requirements by 80 to 99%. DD Boost provides advanced load balancing and failover, which further improves throughput and resiliency.

Does s3 support data domain?

This KB walks you through the process of integrating Data Domain with amazon aws s3 for cloud tier capacities.

What is Data Domain storage?

Data Domain is an inline deduplication storage system, which has revolutionized disk-based backup, archiving, and disaster recovery that utilizes high-speed processing.

What is DD replication?

DataDomain replication overview Data Domain Replicator is a technology that allows replication between two (or more) Data Domain systems. The replication process is network-efficient as no data re-hydrate happens when transferring data between two systems.

How does MTree replication work?

With MTree replication, users can create a snapshot with the appropriate expiration time on the source system after completing the backup, and this snapshot gets replicated to the destination. Once the snapshot has been replicated to the destination, the user can modify the snapshot expiration time on this system.

What is PowerProtect DD?

DELL POWERPROTECT. DD SERIES APPLIANCES. The DD series is the ultimate protection storage appliance that is the next generation of Data Domain appliances. The DD series delivers a fast, secure and an efficient solution that is optimized for multi-cloud data protection and future demands.

What is Dell EMC PowerProtect?

The Dell EMC PowerProtect Software is called a platform and provides data protection, replication and re-use. It supports long-term retention in the public cloud and is described as a multi-cloud product. Dell EMC slide. Backed up data and virtual machines data are live mounted by VMs in client servers.

What is DD Boost plugin?

DDBoost plug-in is an software libary that – when integrated with backup applications using TCP/IP – utilizes TCP/IP connections as directed by backup software.

What is lockbox in DD Boost?

A lockbox is an encrypted file that the database application agent uses to protect confidential information from unauthorized access. The lockbox stores your Data Domain system information, including user credentials for your DD Boost software.

What is DD Boost in NetBackup?

DD Boost increases backup performance by distributing the deduplication process between the client and the backup server. DD Boost for Open Storage software is a licensed option that allows a DD series appliance to act as an Open Storage server for Veritas NetBackup.

How do I set up DDBoost?

You can enable DD Boost software at the DD OS CLI or in the DD System Manager.

  1. To enable DD Boost at the DD OS CLI, run the ddboost enable command.
  2. To enable DD Boost in the DD System Manager, follow these steps: Select Data Management > File System > Enable to enable the file system.

What is TB in AWS?

At re:Invent 2018, AWS launched a new service to expedite data transfer over the network, called AWS DataSync. In this post, we show you how Autodesk successfully migrated over 700 terabytes (TB) of data from their on-premises Dell EMC Data Domain storage system to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

What is Powerprotect DD?

When did EMC buy data domain?

It was acquired in 2009 by EMC Corporation, and the Dell EMC Data Domain product line has been Dell EMC’s flagship platform for backup, archive and disaster recovery ever since.

What is LThe EMC DD OS initial configuration guide?

lThe EMC DD OS Initial Configuration Guide describes how to set up the Data Domain system to use SNMP monitoring. lThe EMC Data Domain Operating System MIB Quick Reference describes the full set of MIB parameters included in the Data Domain MIB branch. The topics that follow describe how to manage the system SNMP configuration.

Can I expand my EMC storage system?

There are also expansions available for your EMC storage arrays, which you can use to expand your disk space when your free space runs out. In the official EMC store, you can request a price quote of any expansion that is suited for your product. This part is the actual working part of your EMC storage system and contains the EMC shelves.

How do I manage the EMC Data Domain® systems?

This guide explains how to manage the EMC Data Domain®systems with an emphasis on procedures using the EMC Data Domain System Manager (DD System Manager), a browser-based graphical user interface (GUI). If an important administrative task is not supported in DD System Manager, the Command Line Interface (CLI) commands are described.

Why EMC is the best choice for data storage?

If you are looking for a data storage system that will satisfy all of your requirements, put EMC storage systems at the top of your list. Since 2016, EMC storage systems have been produced by Dell EMC, which has the largest market share, even beating data storage giants like NetApp and Hitachi storage system.