What is Dell Compellent sc4020?

What is Dell Compellent sc4020?

Provide all-flash or hybrid storage at an exceptional value, and support up to 10,000 MS-Exchange mailboxes in just 2U of rack space.

What is Dell Compellent SC8000?

The SC8000 is a 2U Storage Center controller built on the Dell 12th generation PowerEdgeâ„¢ server platform with a custom configuration to support the needs of an enterprise datacenter. The SC8000 offers high density, exceptional processing power, excellent memory, and fast PCIe Gen3 IO bus.

What happened to Dell Compellent?

The company developed software and products aimed at mid-size enterprises and sold through a channel network of independent providers and resellers….Dell Compellent.

Headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Defunct February 22, 2011
Fate Acquired by Dell
Headquarters 7625 Smetana Lane Eden Prairie, Minnesota , United States

When did Dell buy Compellent?

February 22, 2011
On February 22, 2011, Dell announced completion of the acquisition of Compellent Technologies, Inc.

What replaced Dell Compellent?

new PowerStore array
The official replacement for the Dell SC is the new PowerStore array that we talked about here. One benefit of migrating to this platform is that it provides tools to ease the migration.

Who bought Compellent?

Dell said it is officially buying Compellent in a deal valued at $960 million, or $27.75 a share. Dell finally got its storage acquisition. On Monday, Dell said it is officially buying Compellent in a deal valued at $960 million, or $27.75 a share.

What is Dell SC Series?

What is Dell EMC SC Series? Dell SC storage gives you modern architecture and affordable performance with automated hybrid and all-flash storage options for organizations of all sizes. These general purpose arrays provide scalability to handle your business growth.

Is Compellent end of life?

The need to consolidate the product lines, combined with a forward-looking view towards a more flash-centric storage ecosystem logically resulted in a pruning of their offerings.

What is Dell Power store?

Dell EMC PowerStore is a next-generation midrange data storage solution targeted at customers who are looking for value, flexibility, and simplicity. PowerStore provides our customers with data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable infrastructure that supports both traditional and modern workloads.

What is Unisphere for SC Series?

Unisphere for SC Series is used to connect directly to a Storage Center. Unisphere Central for SC Series is used to manage multiple Storage Centers through a Data Collector and manage the settings of the Data Collector.

Which Dell EMC storage platform is ideal for file data?

Dell EMC Connectrix Storage Networking This EMC storage products are ideal for the modern data center.

What is Dell PowerMax?

PowerMax changes the game for data storage. It is designed with a multi-controller, active/active scale-out architecture and industry standard, end-to-end NVMe. Inline, global dedupe and compression add extreme efficiency to your data center, even as it scales.

Is Dell PowerStore Hyperconverged?

Dell’s VxRail hyperconverged (HCI) systems, are built for general purpose compute and storage needs. PowerStore AppsON is for specialised storage-specific workloads such as anti-virus checking, data protection, and latency-sensitive, real-time analytics at edge locations.

What is Unisphere Service Manager?

The Unisphere Service Manager (USM) is a Java-based desktop application that helps you upgrade, install, and maintain your storage-system hardware and software as well as provide contact and storage-system information to your service provider.

What is emc2 storage?

EMC storage refers to the various storage products, systems and services being offered by EMC Corporation, which include disk, flash and hybrid storage systems and arrays.