What is Enjambment in figure of speech?

What is Enjambment in figure of speech?

Enjambment is the continuation of a sentence or clause across a line break. For example, the poet John Donne uses enjambment in his poem “The Good-Morrow” when he continues the opening sentence across the line break between the first and second lines: “I wonder, by my troth, what thou and I / Did, till we loved?

What is a white heal all?

The poet has drawn the picture of a fat and white dimpled spider which had caught hold of a moth like the white piece of the cloth on a flower called white heal-all. This simile has been used to indicate the white color of the moth. All these three things – spider, heal-all flower, and the moth are shown to be white.

What is the meaning of the poem design by Robert Frost?

‘Design’ is one of Robert Frost’s more contentious poems. It was written as a response to the traditional depiction of God as a benevolent, all-powerful being who created humankind in his own image. The poem speaks on themes of religion, life, and death. …

What has that flower to do with being white?

What had that flower to do with being white, The wayside blue and innocent heal-all? What brought the kindred spider to that height, Then steered the white moth thither in the night?

What are the distinctive qualities of Robert Frost as a poet?

Characteristics of Robert Frost ‘s Poetry

  • Introduction :
  • Clarity and Simplicity :
  • Realism :
  • Dramatic Quality.
  • His Language, Diction and Versification :
  • His Philosophy :
  • As a Poet of Democracy :

Why does frost repeat the word white so often?

Symbol Analysis For a dark poem, Frost sure picked a weird color to focus on. Actually, that’s kind of the point. He contrasts the light innocence of white with the potentially evil design behind their color scheme. Lines 1-3: In the first three lines, he repeats the word “white” three times.

What is difference between hyperbole and metaphor?

The difference between hyperbole and metaphors In practice, hyperbole might resemble a metaphor, which is a comparison between two things. Hyperbole always uses exaggeration, while metaphors sometimes do. This is a metaphor: “His words were music to my ears.” The speaker compares words to music.

What is a dimpled spider?

These first two lines sound like a children’s poem. The word that sticks out to us is “dimpled.” Frost gives us a spider, which is supposed to be creepy and scary, but he makes it fat and dimpled, turning it into some kind of cartoon spider. The bouncing rhythm of the line also makes it sound childish.