What is Enkasonic?

What is Enkasonic?

UPGRADED SOUND CONTROL FOR. HIGH END MULTIFAMILY HOUSING. Ideal for luxury developments, Enkasonic® creates sound-rated floors that achieve the higher IIC and STC levels established by the International Code Council for ‘recommended’ or ‘preferred’ noise reduction.

What is AcoustaMat?

AcoustaMat™ products are specifically designed for the reduction of impact sound to suit both concrete and timber sub surfaces and has been specifically engineered to meet the acoustical requirements of specifiers for all common construction and installation methods. Recommendation.

What is the best acoustic flooring?

Here are some of the best acoustic flooring materials:

  • Carpet. Carpet or carpet tiles are known for mitigating impact sound, making them a perfect choice for hotels, classrooms and offices.
  • Cork Flooring.
  • Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Flooring.
  • Rubber Flooring.
  • Vinyl Tile.

What is IIC sound rating?

Various soundproofing ratings are used to measure impact noises: IIC stands for “Impact Insulation Class”, the degree of soundproofing of the impact noise of a floor/ceiling assembly in a laboratory. The higher the IIC, the better the acoustic insulation.

Who makes Gypcrete?

Gypsum concrete usage in the industry started in the 1980s due to the advantages over standard heavy concrete. The brand name Gypcrete; a Maxxon Corporation trademark has become used universally as the term for gypsum concrete by construction professionals and architects.

Can you put soundproofing under carpet?

Most experts will recommend you invest in a carpet underlay to maximize your carpet’s soundproofing capabilities. This is simply an extra layer of material that goes between your carpet and the floor, and it is made of material that is known to be successful at blocking airborne sounds.

What is the best carpet underlay for soundproofing?

PU foam is the most popular soundproofing underlay, made from recycled foam off-cuts, available in a variety of thickness options and offering high comfort and performance, and it can also be recycled!

Does acoustic carpet underlay work?

Not only will it reduce noise, but it is also essential for protecting your flooring. These products are also great for insulation and will help keep the heat in your home. Soundproof underlay is a fantastic investment and has so many long-term benefits.

Does carpet have an IIC rating?

IIC values can range from as low as 25 for lightweight residential construction with no floor covering to over 65 for commercial construction with carpet. More typical values fall between 35 and 55.

What is a good IIC rating for underlayment?

The higher the number, the higher the resistance – the better. To meet International Building Code – both IIC and STC need to meet the minimum of 50 to pass. Many larger luxury condo associations and municipalities are now looking at the higher 50’s and lower 60’s range.

What can I use instead of gypcrete?

Pourable gypsum based cementitious material can be applied over tubing radiant stapled to a subfloor by licensed applicators. In contrast, Thermalboard is easy to install, cost effective, and suitable for all flooring goods.

Is gypcrete sound proof?

After a Gypsum Concrete (GypCrete) pour of ¾” up to 2” in thickness on wood-framed construction, the sound transmission rating (STC/IIC) can go up between 10 and 25 points. Acoustical Sound Mats are the driving force for reducing sound between floors to future homeowners and tenants.

What is the best carpet padding for soundproofing?

Here are the best rug pads for soundproofing.

  • The Overall Best Rug Pad For Soundproofing: RUGPADUSA 0.5-Inch Memory Foam Rug Pad.
  • The Best Budget-Friendly Rug Pad: Mohawk Home Ultra Premium All Surface 1/4 Inch Rug Pad.
  • The Best Rug Pad With A Nonslip Backing: RUGPADUSA USA 0.25-Inch Felt & Rubber Rug Pad.

Can I use carpet underlay for soundproofing?

A soundproof carpet underlay will protect your floor and help soundproof a room at the same time. You could place a foam or sponge layer under your carpet as a sound barrier. These porous materials will reduce your sound and protect your carpet at the same time.

How good is acoustic underlay?

Acoustic underlay will help you to enjoy a quieter life by reducing noise transfer between rooms and floors. A layer of acoustic underlay will minimise echoes, impact noise and airborne noise from travelling between floors, rooms and homes.

Does carpet underlay reduce noise?

Underlay will reduce but not stop airborne noises. To completely stop an airborne noise, you need a solid material. But that solid material would make your carpet uncomfortably hard. On the other hand, underlay, a softer material, will reduce airborne noises to a degree and greatly reduce impact noises.

Why choose enkasonic acoustic underlay?

The acoustic-insulation underlay significantly increases Impact Insulation Class (IIC) ratings and Sound Transmission Class (STC) levels over wood frame and concrete. EnkaSonic is supplied in easy-to-handle, lightweight rolls. The sound control mat can be easily cut to size with a cutter or a pair of scissors.

What is enkasonic flooring?

EnkaSonic is installed between the concrete or wood subfloor, and a gypsum or lightweight concrete topping is added to build a floating floor. The underlay creates a void area within the floor construction which isolates noise and prevents it from spreading.

What is the best acoustic underlayment for vinyl flooring?

Acoustic underlayment for vinyl flooring must have the dimensional stability to prevent indents and the thickness to absorb sound. Generally speaking, felt, cork or foam would make good acoustic underlayment options.

What are acoustic underlayments and cushions?

Acoustic underlayments (for hard surface flooring) and carpet cushions (for soft surface flooring) are key to achieving these strict codes. They dampen sound by separating the floor covering and the subfloor with a thick, dense, insulative layer of felt, cork, rubber or another material, absorbing sound energy before it can reach the rooms below.