What is fluid dynamics Tincher pitching?

What is fluid dynamics Tincher pitching?

Tincher Pitching Certification indicates that they have completed a very thorough training program with us, and have achieved the necessary criteria to assure that they are competent in every aspect of our form. That is the limit of our association.

What is IR softball pitching?

As a pitcher develops, her arm begins to do something called “internal rotation”. The elbow and hand rotates from outward at 9’clock to inward upon release (see this video). This creates a whipping motion, ending in the fingers peeling off of the ball.

What is the Tincher method?

He calls it the Tincher Maximum Energy Transfer System, a technique that transfers the body’s energy for the ultimate advantage on the mound. It allows pitchers of average height to utilize their natural strengths, specific to the female body, in ways they might not have considered previously.

Who is Rick Pauly?

High Performance Pitching Clinician A former Men’s Fastpitch ASA All American, Rick has spent a lifetime studying pitching. His help in developing several elite level pitchers is a testament to his knowledge of this art.

Why do softball catchers slap their glove?

Catcher throws dirt on batters leg or slaps glove to ground as pitch is delivered in attempt to distract batter.

Why is softball pitching so hard?

The pitch is delivered when the arm internally rotates, at roughly 7500 degrees per second for elite level MLB pitchers. That speed of rotation makes it very challenging for the shoulder and elbow to handle those forces being generated.

Why do softball players cross their legs?

Many often wonder if this is for a reason or if it adds an advantage to pitching the softball. Softball pitchers slap their legs when pitching to balance themselves and distract the batter with the noise. Slapping the leg with the glove also helps with the timing of the pitch.

How fast should a 14 year old softball pitcher throw?

What’s the average pitching speed for a 14-year-old girl in fastpitch softball? The average speed at this age is 46 – 54 MPH.

How fast should a 10 year old pitch softball?

Once they start getting the hang of it, softball players who are 10 years and younger can have an average throwing speed of 38 to 44 miles per hour. They can move up to 42 to 46 mph at 11 to 12 years old.

What is the hardest softball pitch to throw?

4. The Most Devastating Pitch Is . . . The most effective and devastating pitch in softball is the flip changeup. It is also probably the hardest to truly command, as the release is completely backward and opposite of everything else you throw.

What is a 75 mph softball equivalent to in baseball?

** The closest comparison, by reaction time, between Men’s fastpitch softball and baseball is a 100 mph pitch in baseball (0.413 seconds to react) and a 75 mph pitch (0.418 seconds to react) in softball.

Why do softball players keep look at their wrists?

The purpose of the signal wristbands is to limit pitches being picked off by the opposing team. When a pitching coach calls a sign off the bucket, it’s within view of the opposing team.

What do college coaches look for in softball pitchers?

College coaches want pitchers that can change speeds confidently anytime in the count. Doing this ONE thing, in addition to hitting spots, helps keep even the best colleges hitters off-time to contact! Many college coaches are looking for pitchers that can throw pitches at 3 different speeds.

What is a 70 mph pitch in softball equivalent to in baseball?

Depending on the pitchers and type of pitch thrown, the speed of a 70-mph softball fastball could have the same outcome as a low 90-mph baseball fastball because of how the ball catches speed from each distance.

How fast did Jennie Finch pitch?

around 68 mph
The mound isn’t elevated as it is in the Majors. Jennie Finch’s underhand fastball pitch comes in at around 68 mph. Her long stride moves her several feet closer to the plate by the time the ball leaves her hand.

How many days a week should a softball pitcher practice?

4 days a week
To avoid all of the above and ensure you are pitching enough, here are a few guidelines. Practicing 3 times per week keeps you the same; 4 days a week or more makes you better. Throw no more than 400 full speed pitches per week. Spend time on the basics.

What is the easiest pitch to throw in softball?

A screwball is an easy and effective breaking pitch for softball newcomers to learn. When building your pitching arsenal, there are a few basic pitches to master first. One of these pitches is the screwball. Released at the side of your body, most pitchers have a natural tendency to throw a screwball.