What is FuelSave Shell?

What is FuelSave Shell?

Shell FuelSave Unleaded (95 octane) was specially designed by Shell’s scientists to lubricate where normal engine oils cannot easily reach. This enables the engine components to turn more freely, resulting in more of the fuel’s energy being made available to drive the wheels.

Can you use Shell V-Power diesel?

Yes. The new Shell V-Power fuels are designed for use in whatever type of diesel or unleaded car you drive – whether it is old or new.

What is the difference between Shell V-Power diesel and normal diesel?

One characteristic of V-Power diesel is that it is a lot clearer and odourless than normal diesel, mainly due to the synthetic gas to liquid (GTL) component. The fuel is slightly less dense than regular diesel so, per volume, the unit energy is actually lower than regular diesel.

What is the best diesel fuel in the UK?

Premium diesel: best for high-performance diesel Shell V-Power diesel is one of the most commonly used types of premium diesel and is available at Shell petrol stations throughout the UK.

Is Shell better than BP?

Business scale. Shell has consistently earned higher revenues than BP due to the larger scale of its operations. In the last ten years, Shell’s revenues were 22.2% higher compared to BP’s, on an average. The revenue gap has nearly doubled in the last four years, from 16% to 23%.

Is Shell or BP diesel better?

It’s a lot about additives. I rate BP Ultimate diesel as best all-round for fuel economy as well as fuel system treatment. Shell V-Power diesel has the best lubricity for the fuel injection pump but does not achieve quite the same economy.

Which is better diesel Max or Turbo Diesel?

Re: Petron Diesel Max vs Petron Turbo Diesel I believe that the turbo diesel just have extra additives compared to regular diesel max. Sadly, both are still just Euro II compliant. If you want the best of both worlds (cheaper price and cleaner diesel), try unioil’s EuroIV diesel. I can personally vouch for this fuel!

Which diesel is better BP or Shell?

What is Shell FuelSave diesel?

Shell FuelSave Diesel and Shell Diesel Extra work to improve engine efficiency, and retain load-pulling power 2, after just one tank fill and even with high loads or steep terrain, helping you meet tight production and delivery schedules.

How does the corrosion inhibitor in Shell FuelSave diesel work?

The corrosion inhibitor in Shell FuelSave Diesel and Shell Diesel Extra helps prevent corrosion in critical fuel system parts and in your storage tank 2, so you can safeguard and make the most of your equipment investment. Diesel fuel has a natural tendency to produce foam, which takes up tank space and slows down the refuelling process.

What is the torque difference between Shell FuelSave diesel and regular diesel?

The torque difference of approximately 2% between Shell FuelSave Diesel and regular diesel continues to be stable for another 10 hours for the remainder of the test. 1 DYNAFLEX Technology or DYNAFLEX formulation are our names for our latest generation of advanced formulations for gasoline and diesel fuels.

How much fuel savings can I expect from using Shell fuel?

Actual savings may vary according to vehicle, driving conditions and driving style.Internal Shell tests with heavy duty engines used in road transport vehicles have shown fuels savings of up to 3% compared to regular diesel without fuel economy formula.