What is ironic in poetry?

What is ironic in poetry?

Irony in poetry is a literary technique that uses discordance, incongruity or a naive speaker to say something other than a poem’s literal meaning.

What does AK Ramanujan’s poetry reflects?

Ramanujan’s poetry “reflects a touch of humanity, Indian ethos and pertinence of life.” Despite A.K. Ramanujan stayed in America, he never forgot his mother and motherland and always lived in the reminiscences of Indian culture. His poems prove that he was pulled by his culture and motherland again and again.

Why AK Ramanujan is famous?

Though he wrote widely and in a number of genres, Ramanujan’s poems are remembered as enigmatic works of startling originality, sophistication and moving artistry….

A. K. Ramanujan
Alma mater Indiana University University of Mysore Deccan College,
Notable works The Striders; Second Sight

What is the theme of AK Ramanujan?

The main themes of Ramanujan’s poetry are family, love, despair and death. They are full of irony, humour, paradox and sudden reversals.

How does Ramanujan narrates the action of the Striders?

Answer: Ak Ramanujan compares the action of the strider with a prophet which shows us that the strider is not just a simple water bug but made us think about the beauty of the environment that the nature has to offer.

What is the irony in the poem obituary?

The irony is that mere cataloguing of the events in the poem gives way at the end to an intensity of painful personal involvement with the reference to “a changed mother”. The human element has intruded, and the speaker is, perhaps unwillingly, caught in a reverie punctuated by agonizing reminiscences.

How does AK Ramanujan feel about his father’s death in the poem obituary?

After his death, the poet feels that the burden of whole family is on him as in Patriarchal society, women are not allowed to work. There is an old mother, an unmarried sister, a young child a lot of debt left by his father. Hence, the poet is very disappointed by his death.

What is the message of the poem Striders?

Answer: The Striders poems is one of the well-known poem by A.K Ramanujan that gives the idea about deconstructive analysis of Indian sensibilities poets. This poem explains about the human being who is very powerful in every aspect. Strider is a small water insect which is a New England name for it.

How is the poem a river unusual with layers of meaning?

Q. Why is this poem called unusual? Ans. This is an unusual poem with many layers of meaning and is a commentary on the indifference of the old and modern poets to the ravages caused by the river in flood and the pain and suffering caused to humans.

What is the theory of Ramanuja?

Ramanuja. His theories assert that there exists a plurality and distinction between Ātman (soul) and Brahman (metaphysical, ultimate reality), while he also affirmed that there is unity of all souls and that the individual soul has the potential to realize identity with the Brahman.

Why did Yamunacharya call upon Ramanuja?

During this period, Ramanuja’s discourses and fame reached far and wide. Yamunacharya, the Vaishnavite acharya and the religious head of the Ranganathasamy temple at Srirangam had been closely following Ramanuja from a very young age. When it was time to pass on the legacy, the acharya decided that he would call upon Ramanuja.

What is irony and how is it used?

Irony is a tool that can be used for many different purposes. Though sarcasm and satire are two ways of using irony that are primarily negative and critical, ironic statements can also underscore the fragility, complexity, and beauty of human experience.