What is Justin Chatwin known for?

What is Justin Chatwin known for?

Justin Chatwin is a Canadian actor and avid outdoors man, traveler, sailor, and spear fisherman. The British Columbia native currently resides in Baja, Mexico. Although mostly known for his work as an actor, his passion sits with conservation, international motorcycle travel and the outdoors.

Where is Justin Chatwin from?

Nanaimo, CanadaJustin Chatwin / Place of birth

Is Justin Chatwin British?

Chatwin was born in Nanaimo, British Columbia. His mother, Suzanne (née Halsall), is an artist, and his father, Brian, is an engineer who started in 1982 Chatwin Engineering in Canada, acting as President and CEO. His late grandfather was of French-Canadian ancestry.

What else did Justin Chatwin play in?


Year Title Role
2005–2012 Weeds Josh Wilson
2006 Lost Eddie Colburn
2011–2015 Shameless Jimmy Lishman / Steve Wilton
2013 The Listener Rudy Best

How tall is Justin Chatwin?

6′ 0″Justin Chatwin / Height

Who is Josh weeds?

Justin Chatwin

Josh Wilson
Episode You Can’t Miss The Bear
Occupation Student Drug Dealer Lawyer
Relatives Doug Wilson (father) Dana Wilson (mother)
Portrayed by Justin Chatwin

How tall is Kevin from Shameless?

When Steve Howey isn’t playing bartender Kevin Ball on the Showtime hit Shameless, the 6’4″ actor is getting physical.

Who is Silas real dad on weeds?

Lars Guinard
Lars’s reaction when finding out Silas is his son. Lars Guinard is Silas’s biological father and Nancy’s old boyfriend from high school. Lars is first visited by Shane and Silas towards the end of season 6 due to Shane’s suspicion of Lars being Silas’s real father.

What happened Celia Hodes?

On the commentary of the series finale, “It’s Time”, the creators reveal Celia journeyed into Mexico and was killed by a car bomb from Mexican-gangsters.

How tall is Debbie Gallagher?

Emma Kenney
Born Emma Rose Kenney September 14, 1999 New York City, New York, U.S.
Occupation Actress
Years active 2009–present
Height 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)

Are Kev and V related?

Kevin “Kev” Ball (born Bart) is a main character. He is also the bartender at Frank’s favorite bar and the Gallaghers’ neighbor and friend along with his long term girlfriend Veronica, and the father of Amy, Jemma & Dominic Ball.