What is Kapaa Kauai ZIP code?

What is Kapaa Kauai ZIP code?

96746Kapa Ľa / Zip code

What island is Kapaa Hawaii?

Kauai island
Kapaa, Hawaiian Kapa’a, city, Kauai county, on the east-central coast of Kauai island, Hawaii, U.S. Sugarcane and pineapple plantations once dotted the region around Kapaa.

How many zip codes are in Kauai?

34 zip codes
Kauai County makes up approximately 14.68% of the total land area for Hawaii and we have 34 zip codes for the county in our database, which you can see details of below, with land area information for each zip code. What is this?

What is Kapaa Kauai?

Kapaa is a charming Kauai town, known for its colorful, eclectic storefronts and rolling white sand beaches. Located on the southeast shore of the island, Kapaa is only about 9 miles from the Lihue Airport and takes roughly 20 minutes to reach by car.

Does Hawaii have a zip code?

Hawaii has a total of 94 active zip codes.

What is Kapaa Hawaii known for?

What is the state code for Hawaii?

From AL to WY

State/District Abbreviation Postal Code
Florida Fla. FL
Georgia Ga. GA
Hawaii Hawaii HI
Idaho Idaho ID

What is the area code for Hawaii?

Area code 808
Area code 808 encompasses Honolulu and the entire Hawaiian islands, meaning your business will have access to over 1.3 million people in the state.

Which side of Kauai has the calmest water?

Anini Beach Some of northern Kauai’s calmest waters can be found at Anini Beach thanks to a long reef that stretches for over two miles along the shore. Located near the Princeville resort area, Anini Beach can often be much less crowded than nearby beaches.

What is the nickname for Hawaii?

The Aloha StateThe Islands of Aloha