What is Medway known for?

What is Medway known for?

The River Medway has long been recognised as one of Britain’s most important for leisure activities and has a fascinating and illustrious maritime heritage. Medway’s most famous resident was the great British author, Charles Dickens. Visit the places that were an inspiration to the author in his works.

Is Medway in Kent a nice place to live?

Medway is a place in which you can enjoy both living and working. A thriving business location but also within an easily commute to London and yet beautifully green with seven green flags accredited parks. It’s a great place to put down roots and make a life.

Did the Vikings invade Kent?

Viking attacks: 825–1066 The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records that Kent was first attacked by Viking raiders in the late eighth century. Kent and southeast England would have been an attractive target because of its wealthy minsters, often located on exposed coastal locations.

Why is Rochester not in Kent?

Due to an administrative oversight, it lost its city status in the process, a mistake that was apparently only discovered by the Rochester Society four years later when it noticed it had been omitted from the Lord Chancellor’s list of UK cities.

What is it like living in Gillingham?

The good thing about Gillingham is that it is massive and there is a lot of housing stock, so you have lots of options depending on your needs, whereas you can be a bit more limited in Rochester, although I agree it is ‘naicer’. Twydall is nice, if quiet. A real family area, plenty of schools around there too.

Did Saxons settle in Kent?

The Anglo-Saxons took control of most of Britain, although they never conquered Scotland, Wales and Cornwall. They settle in England in places near to rivers or the sea, which could be easily reached by boat. One of the places they settled in was Tonbridge, in Kent.

Was Kent in Wessex?

Henceforward, Kent was a province of Wessex, whose kings became kings of all England in the mid-10th century. The social organization of Kent had many distinctive features, which support the statement of the Venerable Bede that its inhabitants were a different tribe from the Angles and Saxons, namely the Jutes.

What is the only city in Kent?

Covering 13 Districts, with an overall population of around 1,554, 600, you’ll be surprised to learn that Canterbury is the only city in Kent.