What is Ramat HaSharon zip code?

What is Ramat HaSharon zip code?

Postal Code – Ramat HaSharon Masada 23 – 4702715.

What is the postal code for Hod HaSharon Israel?

Postal Code – Hod HaSharon Netsach Israel 22 – 4528622.

Does Israel use zip codes?

Postal codes in Israel (Hebrew: מיקוד, Mikud) are seven digit numeric postal codes in use in Israel. Each postal code corresponds to a mail carrier route or RR, thus, when the letters are sorted by the postal code, they are assigned to a specific carrier.

What does HaSharon mean?

Splendor of the Sharon plain
Hod HaSharon (Hebrew: הוֹד הַשָּׁרוֹן, lit. “Splendor of the Sharon plain”) is a city in the Central District of Israel.

What is America postal code?

Current Postal Code Range in the United States The current postal codes in the United States range from 00001 – 99950. The lowest and highest of these postal codes are both specific to areas in Alaska; The 00001 code is for the N Dillingham area, and the postal code 99950 is for Ketchikan, AK.

How do I find my postal code in Israel?

There are two great ways to find your ZIP code. Assuming that you are an Israeli citizen/resident, you have a Teudat Zehut תעודת זהות (ID Card). In the ספח, or blue paper it has some details about your address as well as family members. This seems to be the easier option for non-Hebrew speakers.

Is Israel a region?

Israel stands at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. Geographically, it belongs to the Asian continent and is part of the Middle East region.

What is my zip code in Tel Aviv?

6329302Tel Aviv-Yafo / Zip code

How do I send mail to Israel?

USPS Priority Mail International is the cheapest way to ship to Israel from the US, but the delivery time is 6 to 10 days. USPS also has an affordable Priority Mail International option that delivers within 3 to 5 days.

What is the zip code of Tel Aviv?

What is US ZIP Code?

US ZIP codes are a type of postal code used within the United States to help the United States Postal Service (USPS) route mail more efficiently. ZIP codes near me are shown on the map above. Some still refer to ZIP codes as US postal codes. The term ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Plan.

How do I find a postcode in Israel?

If you are searching for a local Israel zip postal area code, the IsraelPost website offers a postal code directory service. You can determine the zip postal area code based on the street address or post-office box number (POB#).