What is Sogo hotel known for?

What is Sogo hotel known for?

In the Philippines, the hotel brand brought many innovation to the hospitality industry by introducing free wifi, giving skateboards to the floor personnel, and launching a 24/7 call center. In 2016, Hotel Sogo launched the hoverboard-based service.

Who is the owner of Sogo?

the Global Comfort Group Corporation
Details. Hotel Sogo is a hotel chain in the Philippines managed and the Global Comfort Group Corporation, which also owns the Icon Hotel and Eurotel hotel chains.

Do you need ID in Sogo?

Hotel Sogo New Normal Playbook Just present your company ID or any valid ID upon checking in. We do hope that you always choose Hotel Sogo, to have a So Clean… So Good…and So Safe stay! We want you here, and we always care for you.

What is the age limit in Sogo hotel?

Hi, Minors (below 18) are not allowed to check into Hotel Sogo unless accompanying by their parents.

How much is per hour in Sogo?

Room Type 12 Hours 24 Hours
Premium Room Php 940.00 Php 1,540.00
Deluxe Room Php 1,000.00 Php 1,600.00
Executive Room Php 1,030.00 Php 1,630.00

When was Sogo started?

Sogo was founded in 1830 in Osaka by Ihei Sogo as a retailer of used kimono. In July 2000, the company faced financial troubles caused by the reckless real estate investment policy of the former chairman, Hiroo Mizushima, and the collapse of Japanese real estate prices since the mid-1980s.

Where did the Sogo hotel come from?

Hotel Sogo was founded in 1992 by two individuals who decided to come together to satisfy the public’s growing clamor for a better and more convenient low-cost lodging.

Can 18 year old enter Sogo?

In this hotel? over a year ago. Hi, Minors (below 18) are not allowed to check into Hotel Sogo unless accompanying by their parents.

How much is 12 hours Sogo weekend?

Room Type 12 Hours 24 Hours
Premium Room Php 1,390.00 Php 1,790.00
Deluxe Room Php 1,450.00 Php 1,850.00
Executive Room Php 1,480.00 Php 1,880.00

How old is Sogo?


Sogo Yokohama Department Store
Founded 1830 in Osaka, Japan
Founder Ihei Sogo
Headquarters Chiyoda, Tokyo , Japan
Number of employees 2,845 (2006)

Who is the owner of Victoria Court?

Angie King shares ownership and management duties of the Victoria Court chain with her brother Atticus King. According to a Rappler article, Angie runs the southern locations of Victoria Court along with boutique motel Sohotel, while brother Atticus runs the northern locations along with his own branch, Hotel Paradis.

Is 19 years old allowed in Sogo?

Is Sogo a Japanese name?

(株式会社そごう, Kabushiki gaisha Sogō) is a department store chain that operates an extensive network of branches in Japan. In 2009, it merged with The Seibu Department Stores, Ltd….Sogo.

Sogo Yokohama Department Store
Native name 株式会社そごう
Romanized name Kabushiki Kaisha Sogō
Type KK
Industry Retail

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How does a drive in motel work?

Prior to staying in our rooms, guests are offered contactless methods for booking, payment, and room management. Once they’re set, they can simply drive to the motel and park their vehicle in the garage just below their designated room.