What is spectrum Viewer?

What is spectrum Viewer?

FluoroFinder Spectra Viewer is an interactive platform that facilitates fluorescence experiment design. View and compare the spectral properties of more than 1,000 dyes from all suppliers alongside instrument-specific laser and filter configurations.

How does fluorescence spectroscopy work?

Fluorescence spectroscopy uses a beam of light that excites the electrons in molecules of certain compounds, and causes them to emit light. That light is directed towards a filter and onto a detector for measurement and identification of the molecule or changes in the molecule.

Can I use PE and PE Cy7 together?

In my experience, it is not advisable to use APC/Cy7 and PE/Cy7 together due to heavy cross-beam contamination as their emission max are exactly same. However, they can be used together if you are using machines like the Cytek Aurora.

Can you use APC and PE together?

For example, PE-Cy™5 is very bright with regard to stain index (Table 1), but it has considerable spillover (ie, adds background) into the APC detector. While these two fluorochromes can be used together, the resolution sensitivity in APC will be reduced compared to, for example, a combination of PerCP-Cy5.

What are the advantage and disadvantage of the fluorescence spectroscopy?

Advantages and Disadvantages As it was already pointed, one of the most important advantages of this technique is due to its high sensitivity and specifity. Another is its fast and rapid diagnosis ability. The main disadvantage is that not all compounds fluoresce.

How accurate is flow cytometry?

The diagnostic accuracy of FC was 88.4%, sensitivity was 85.8%, and specificity was 92.9%. In addition, FC accuracy for classes of non-Hodgkin lymphoma was assessed. We conclude that FC is an independently accurate ancillary test in the evaluation of FNA.

Is PE-Cy7 bright?

PE-Cy7 conjugated reagents are as bright as PE conjugates. However, PE-Cy7 is highly sensitive to photo-induced degradation resulting in loss of fluorescence. Care should be taken to avoid light exposure and prolonged exposure to paraformaldehyde fixative.

What laser is PE-Cy7?

tandem fluorochrome
488 nm 532 nm 561 nm 780/60 PE-Cy™7 (Exmax496 nm/Emmax785 nm) is a tandem fluorochrome that combines PE and the cyanine dye Cy7. PE-Cy7 is sensitive to photo-induced degradation, resulting in loss of fluorescence and changes in spillover.

What can I use a spectrum analyzer for?

Spectrum analyzers are used for many measurements including:

  • Frequency Response, Noise and Distortion characteristics of all kinds of radio-frequency circuitry.
  • Occupied Bandwidth and Interference Sources in Telecommunications.
  • Basic Pre-Compliance Testing for EMC Testing.

What is BioLegend’s multicolor panel selector?

On a conventional cytometer, a fluor’s main ‘peak’ or emission is mainly captured in one filter set, making it harder to distinguish spectrally similar fluors. BioLegend’s Multicolor Panel Selector is designed to help you find the right products for your multicolor flow cytometry experiments.

What can BioLegend do for You?

Simplify your workflow with BioLegend’s complete set of research tools to study progenitor cells from all three germ layers, including neural and hematopoietic stem cells. BioLegend is the leader in creating complete research solutions for immunologists.

What is spectral detection?

Thus the term spectral detection refers to the linear unmixing of a fluorescent spectrum across an array of emission detectors to statistically reassign the origin of a photon to the source fluorophore.

What can the spectra analyzer do for You?

Our spectra analyzer can display the excitation and emission spectra for dozens of fluorophores. This allows you to compare the excitation and emission profiles of fluors, custom filters, and laser lines to see what best fits your cytometer. Spectral cytometers capture the full spectrophotometric profile of the fluorophores across all lasers.