What is the best district to stay in Ho Chi Minh?

What is the best district to stay in Ho Chi Minh?

The best area to stay for tourists is District 1, in the heart of the city. Most tourist attractions and places of interest are here, as is the city’s central business district.

Is Ho Chi Minh City worth visiting?

Ho Chi Minh City – formally known as Saigon – is one of the best places to visit in Vietnam. From delicious food to beautiful French architecture to an up-and-coming craft beer scene, you’ll find no lack of things to do in Ho Chi Minh City.

Do they speak English in Ho Chi Minh?

Frequent visitors to Vietnam report that you usually have no problems speaking English in any of the main cities like Hanoi, Sai Gon and Ho Chi Minh. The 50% English speaking proportion is over the country as a whole; it is actually much higher than this in the cities, and lower in more rural areas.

How many days do you need in Ho Chi Minh?

Ho Chi Minh itinerary in up to 4 days I would suggest spending 1-2 days seeing the city and the following couple visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels and Mekong Delta. 1 day Ho Chi Minh itinerary – see some of the main sights.

Is 10 days enough in Vietnam?

Ten days is enough to see the highlights of Vietnam, however, it does mean skipping over some popular tourist hot spots and travelling at a fairly quick pace. It also means spending a little more on flights to make sure you can see everything in time.

Is tipping rude in Vietnam?

Tipping is not customary in Vietnam despite it is highly appreciated. As mentioned before, tipping culture is still alien to most Vietnamese people. Vietnamese tourists hardly ever tip, simply because they don’t think it’s necessary.

Are there beaches in Ho Chi Minh City?

Ho Chi Minh City has several beaches near to the city just waiting to be explored. While not as famous as the historical landmarks, modern architecture or vibrant nightlife of Vietnam’s largest city, southern Vietnam is home to pristine beaches where you can escape the bustling crowds found in the city.

Is there Uber in Ho Chi Minh?

In Vietnam you can use Uber in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city.

Is street food safe to eat in Vietnam?

A lot of travelers ask about street food in Vietnam. Is it safe to eat? The answer is yes, but only if you use caution and common sense to suss out safe street food vendors.

Do locals still call it Saigon?

Officially, the southern metropolis’s name is Ho Chi Minh City, and has been for many years, but there are still a number of locals and visitors alike that call it Saigon. The importance of these two differing titles goes back to the Vietnam War, which ended not so long ago in 1975.