What is the best small helicopter for FSX?

What is the best small helicopter for FSX?

Hughes 269C. Made completely compatible with FSX, this addition to your flight ranks will give you something truly quick and easy to use up in the skies. It’s a very useful little helicopter for low altitude flying, and typically is used for things like spraying pesticides over fields and, in Australia, hunting for cattle.

What is the best Eurocopter EC145 Rega V3?

Designed by a group of talented FSX designers, the GMAX Eurocopter EC145 REGA V3 is one of the most popular freeware downloads out there because of just how effective the actual design is.

Is the Haider flight model easy to fly?

This model is easy to fly and get the hang of without having to go too far, and gives you all the help that you need in taking to the skies efficiently. The flight model was designed by Franz Haider, who is well known throughout the community for his accuracy and attention to detail with every last part.

Are there any flight simulators that use helicopters?

Whilst flight simulators are most commonly associated with using aircraft such as a passenger plane or a fighter jet, the helicopters that are available for choice are every bit as impressive. Thankfully, for those who are on a budget, you can get countless excellent freeware packages to give you new aircraft to fly all the time.

How easy is it to start flying a helicopter?

From the positioning of the gauges and the equipment on the cockpit to the attributes that make the helicopter run so quickly, you’ll find it incredibly easy to start flying this fantastic choice of chopper.

Is the Huey helicopter still used today?

The helicopter itself gained most of its reputation through the fact it was used so commonly throughout the Vietnam War, but today it’s still a regularly used addition to the civilian flying world. If you’ve always wanted to see how the Huey would last in the air then this is the best way to do so – totally free of charge.