What is the difference between N20 and B48?

What is the difference between N20 and B48?

Compared with its N20 predecessor, the B48 uses a more undersquare design. As per the N20, the block and head are made from aluminium. Other features shared with the N20 include a twin-scroll turbocharger, direct injection, variable valve lift (Valvetronic) and variable valve timing (Double VANOS).

Is the n20b20 a good engine?

As discussed throughout this article the BMW N20 is an overall reliable engine that does not have many common issues. The timing chain and components may be problematic on models prior to 2015, but has since been resolved with an updated design.

How much HP can a B48 handle?

The B48 is already proven as underrated from the factory making 220+whp and 240+wtq stock. Tune only cars are able to push over 260 wheel horsepower and 290 wheel torque. Throw a few bolt-ons and some E85 in the mix and you’ve got an engine capable of pushing upwards of 300whp.

How strong is the B48 engine?

B48 engines range from 181 to 302 horsepower in stock form. 20i models generally receive the lower output B48 engines. Most 30i models come in at 252-258 horsepower. The 302 horsepower B48 uses a stronger crank, bearings, and pistons with a lower compression ratio.

How do I know if I have B48 or N20?

You can also tell from the VIN without even doing a lookup. Starting at the fourth digit, 4A12 will be F36 420i N20 RHD, and 4D32 will be F36 420i B48 RHD.

How much power can N20 handle?

The safe upper limits of the N20 appear to be somewhere in the lower-mid 300whp and wheel torque range. This is roughly where you will end up with full bolt-ons and some E85 in the N20, and the general consensus is not many owners are pushing their cars beyond this limit without upgraded rods at the least.

How long does the N20 timing chain last?

Yes it happens and N20 is a pretty well known engine for it to happen. Generally I seen most fail at or around the 100,000 MILE mark so its a good idea to replace it if you’re keeping the car around for a long time.

Is the N20 twin turbo?

The N20 features a twin-scroll turbocharger, double-VANOS (variable valve timing), Valvetronic (variable valve lift), direct injection, automatic stop-start and an electric water pump. The N20 was sold alongside the smaller displacement BMW N13 turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

How much boost can a B48 engine handle?

B48 Stock Turbo Max Boost Summary We believe ~18-19psi is a fairly safe limit for the stock B48 turbo.

What is the difference between the BMW B46 and B48 engine?

The BMW B46 and B48 are basically the same engine. B46’s meet SULEV emissions standards and are the primary engines in the US market. We wish we had more technical data to share. However, B48 is the widely accepted engine code for the B46 and B48.

How can you tell the difference between a B46 and a B48?

B46 vs B48 Emissions Emissions standards are really the only difference between the B46 and B48. For the consumer there are no important changes between the two engines. The B46 is a SULEV engine, and is the primary engine available in the US. Some other parts of the world also receive the B46.

Which is better N26 or N20?

The N26 engine uses higher density (read: more restrictive) CATs, which robs power from the engine at high rpm. The N26 CATs have 900/600 cells/sqin, while the N20 CATs have 600/400 cells/sqin. This difference also affects the power gains with DINANTRONICS™.

How much does it cost to replace timing chain N20?

How much does BMW N20 timing chain replacement cost? The job itself requires three special tools specific to this engine. Factoring in the cost of the tools with the parts brings the DIY bill to nearly $1200. The cost will get higher if you have to buy any of the other tools needed for the job.

How much HP can a N20 handle?

The Forged BMW N20 & N26 Internals Package includes parts that are capable of withstanding up to 600HP at the crank!. This kit when combined with the right turbo and bolt on parts, will allow you to run up to 600HP at the crank!.

How much power can N20 make?

An FBO N20 engine with a small E85 mixture is capable of producing upwards of 350hp and torque.

Is N20 underrated?

As stated, the engine is underrated from the factory and already provides respectable performance for a fuel-efficient 2.0L engine. However, for some enthusiasts, a little extra power can go a long way. Like other turbocharged BMW engines, the aftermarket industry is littered with tunes and basic bolt-on modifications.

How do I know if I have B46 or B48?


Yes, it does. The B46 is a super-ultra low emission vehicle (SULEV) version of the B48. It has some differences to meet stricter emissions standards in states like California. The layout and engineering is the same, so the VANOS and timing chain is in the back.

How do you tell if I have N20 or N26?

The same applies for the states that have the SULEV cars. The best way to tell is to check your own individual cars from the guide below. If you have an N20 engine, it will say ULEV. If it is an N26 engine, it will say SULEV.

What engine replaced the BMW N20?

The N20 was placed in Wards Top 10 Engines in 2012. In 2014, the N20 began to be replaced by its successor, the BMW B48.