What is the difference between SB37 SD37 and SE37?

What is the difference between SB37 SD37 and SE37?

The system gave all the primary space and as much secondary space as it could. Disk volume out of space, cannot write output. SD37: Primary disk space was exceeded and either no secondary space allocation was specified, or it was insufficient. SE37: When there are no more volumes available.

What is SE37 Abend?

SE37. Explanation: The error occurred when an output operation was requested. The data set was on a direct access or magnetic tape device. This system completion code is accompanied by message IEC032I.

How do I fix SB37 error?

Resolving The Problem If both the abend and the error message are encountered, increase the allocation for the output data set. When only the error message occurs, either specify 0 for LRECL and BLKSIZE or do not specify these parameters. Optim will determine the values to use at run time.

What is SE37 in JCL?

Re: SE37 abend All space was filled on the volume, and an attempt was made to obtain space on the next specified volume. Either the space was not available on that volume, the data set already existed on that volume, or there is no space available in the VTOC or the VTOC index.

How do you resolve abends in mainframe?

How to solve S0C7 abend? For figuring out the exact piece of code that caused the abend, look at the Job dump and find the offset at which this abend has occurred. Once you have the offset, search for this offset in the compiler listing and you will get the exact statement which has caused the issue.

What is secondary space?

Main definition. Secondary Space. Space which has been previously occupied and becomes available for lease. Includes both re-let and sublet space.

What causes a SOC4?

S0C4 Abend is a protection exception when a virtual address cannot be mapped with a physical address. Moving variable length record which is larger than the receiving field’s length. Read/Write a file which has not been opened in the program. Read/Write a file after EOF.

What is difference between SOC4 and SOC7?

SOC4 means subscript being out of range. This is because of compiler option. Default is nossrange we have to change it for ssrange…. SOC7 means uninaialized numeric field.

What is Soc4 and SOC7?

Soc4 means subscript being out of range.soc7 means uninaialized numeric field.for soc7 if we are doing numeric opretion which field is defined as non-numeric.

How do you resolve a SOC 7 abend?

Immediate solution for S0C7 error is removing the input record which is causing this issue and running the job with remaining records. To find out the erroneous record , you can check sysout or abend-aid/fault-aid storage information.

What is a primary space?

Primary spaces are those that are essential in conveying the historic and architectural character of a building. They are most often associated with the primary use or purpose for which the building was designed or used during its period of significance and can vary greatly from building to building.