What is the element of January 1st?

What is the element of January 1st?

Capricorn (astrology)

Duration (tropical, western) December 21 – January 20 (2022, UT1)
Constellation Capricornus
Zodiac element Earth
Zodiac quality Cardinal

What is the star sign for 1st January?

Capricorns born on January 1 have an aristocratic nature regardless of background or family connections. They demonstrate good taste and know how to live well, even on limited resources. January 1 natives expect a great deal of themselves and always strive to live up to their expectations.

What is the birthstone for Capricorn in January?

Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac. The Capricorn birthstone is the Garnet. The Garnet is a precious red gemstone. Garnet’s meaning is commitment and creativity. Capricorn’s are born between December 21st and January 19th.

What is January zodiac color?

January Birthstone Color: Deep Red The January birthstone color of deep red comes from the deep red variety of the January gemstone Garnet. Garnet is not in fact just one gemstone but a group of similar crystals called silicates.

What Stone is Capricorn?

Red garnet
Red garnet is one of the primary birthstones for Capricorn and the traditional birthstone for January.

What is a Capricorns color?

Capricorn (Dec. Capricorns are known for being disciplined, responsible, down to earth, realistic, and hard workers. Their power colors are brown and gray, which are both neutral hues that are staples of any outfit or home.

What is the birthstone color for January?

The most dominant January birthstone color is red. Some other colors include, yellow, green, and blue. This range of colors is reflected in the associated crystals and stones. Garnet, which is of deep red color, is the first and foremost birthstone of the month of January.

What is the gem for January?

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What is the gemstone for January birthday?

Birthstone Rock Crystal Ring

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  • What is the stone for January birthday?

    – Introduction to January birthstones – Garnet – traditional January birthstone – Onyx – guardian angel birthstone for January – Jasper – January special apostle birth rock – Chalcedony – Capricorn birth gem – Amethyst – Aquarius January birthstone