What is the famous line from The Blues Brothers?

What is the famous line from The Blues Brothers?

You ain’t goin’ back on the road no more, and you ain’t playin’ them ol’ two-bit sleazy dives. You’re livin’ with me now, and you not gonna go slidin’ around witcho ol’ white hoodlum friends. Matt Murphy: But babes, this is Jake and Elwood, the Blues Brothers.

How much did the chase scene in Blues Brothers cost?

They paid $12,500 for the right to film inside, according to a contract from the time. They stocked the parking lots with 700 cars — all new.

Did The Blues Brothers save the orphanage?

The story is a tale of redemption for paroled convict Jake and his blood brother Elwood, who set out on “a mission from God” to prevent foreclosure of the Roman Catholic orphanage in which they were raised….The Blues Brothers (film)

The Blues Brothers
Budget $27.5 million
Box office $115.2 million

Did they really destroy a mall in The Blues Brothers?

With police cars speeding down its walkways and smashing through storefronts, the Dixie Square Mall was destroyed on the inside more than 30 years ago in an epic chase scene from the 1980 film The Blues Brothers.

How much did the mall scene in Blues Brothers cost?

The story behind the $25m shopping mall trashed in Blues Brothers epic police chase that was only just torn down after 30 years.

Where was the mall scene shot in The Blues Brothers?

The mall at 151st Street and Dixie Highway in Harvey is famous for being used in a chase scene in “The Blues Brothers.” “I’m proud to say we were the first movie to trash a mall,” Blues Brothers director John Landis said in an interview about the film.

How did they film the mall scene in Blues Brothers?

In mid-1979, director John Landis rented the vacant mall for eight weeks to film a scene in the movie The Blues Brothers. In this scene, main characters Elwood and Jake Blues drive through storefronts, display cases, and walls and destroy much of the mall while being chased by Illinois State Police troopers.

What are some of the Blues Brothers quotes?

The Blues Brothers Quotes. QuotesGram Jake Blues, just out from prison, puts together his old band to save the Catholic home where he and brother Elwood were raised. Elwood: It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark… and we’re wearing sunglasses.

Who are the Blues Brothers in’Blues Brothers’?

Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Junior Wells, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Jonny Lang, Eddie Floyd, and Blues Traveler are among the many special guests assembled for the film, and their stellar presence makes you wonder if the revived Blues Brothers shouldn’t remain an obscure opening act. –Jeff Shannon Ow, you fat penguin.

What is the plot of the Blues Brothers?

The Blues Brothers tells the story of Elwood and Jake, two petty Chicago criminals. After Jake was released from prison, they visited the orphanage where they had grown up.

Are the police surrounded at the Blues Brothers concert?

Elwood: [Police have surrounded the Blues Brothers concert] And we would especially like to welcome all the representatives of Illinois’s law enforcement community that have chosen to join us here in the Palace Hotel Ballroom at this time… Elwood: This is definitely Lower Wacker Drive!