What is the famous phrase from Hans and Franz?

What is the famous phrase from Hans and Franz?

In the first “Pumping Up with Hans and Franz,” the duo introduces their fake muscles and iconic catchphrase: “We want to pump you up!” They go on to call those at home “flappy pathetic losers” and use confusing yet funny wordplay in other phrases like, “Hear me now and believe this later.”

Are Hans and Franz brothers?

Hans and Franz have a show were they ridicule people for being weak. The characters are cousins of Arnold Swarzenagger.

Who played Arnold Schwarzenegger in SNL?

On Saturday Night Live, he has been impersonated by Jim Belushi on December 8, 1984 during the “Massacre On 34th Street” filmed commercial sketch, by Darrell Hammond eleven times from December 11, 1999 to October 3, 2009 and by Bill Hader on October 13, 2012 during the “Give Us All Our Daughters Back!” filmed …

Who coined the phrase pump you up?

In Sesame Street Season 38 Episode 5, Hansel and Gretel introduce themselves and reference the Hans and Franz tagline “We just want to pump… you up!” changed to “We just want to throw… Bread crumbs!”

Who plays Hans Franz?

It turns out that there was a Hans and Franz movie once in the works – based on the bit starring Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon – and the big screen adaptation would have both been a musical and starred Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Where did Hans and Franz come from?

The idea for the characters of Hans and Franz came in 1987 in a Des Moines, Iowa, hotel room while Nealon was watching an Arnold Schwarzenegger television interview during Nealon’s and Carvey’s first comedy tour. The first sketch in which the characters appear occurred during the season premiere of the 13th season.

Who said I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell?

It featured Will Ferrell banging away on a cowbell and Christopher Walken uttering two lines that quickly lodged themselves in our collective consciousness: “I need more cowbell” and “I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!” Apparently those phrases haunted Walken for some time, according to Ferrell.

Who were the pump you up guys on SNL?

Hans and Franz are characters in a recurring sketch called “Pumping Up with Hans & Franz” on the television sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live, played by Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon, respectively.

What does pump someone up mean?

to make someone more confident or more enthusiastic: Myerson spent a lot of time trying to pump up his partners.

What does it mean when someone says we need more cowbell?

informal. an extra quality that will make something or someone better: It was a fairly average show – it needed more cowbell.

Who said we need more cow bells?

More Cowbell

“More Cowbell”
“The Bruce Dickinson” (Christopher Walken) demands “more cowbell”
Written by Will Ferrell Donnell Campbell
Cast Jimmy Fallon Will Ferrell Chris Kattan Chris Parnell Horatio Sanz
Original air date April 8, 2000

Has Al Pacino hosted SNL?

Although he had never been on Saturday Night Live, he has been impersonated by Kevin Spacey on January 11, 1997 during The Joe Pesci Show, by Chris Kattan 3 times in the November 8, 1997, November 13, 1999 and January 8, 2000 episodes.

What does pumped mean in British slang?

: filled with energetic excitement and enthusiasm pumped for the football game.

Who coined the phrase more cowbell?

Ferrell, dressed in ’70s rocker garb, emphatically played along to the tune of Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” as Walken – in the role of music producer Bruce Dickinson – uttered the legendary phrase: “I’ve got a fever. And the only prescription is more cowbell.”