What is the formula of magnetic field?

What is the formula of magnetic field?

B = μ 0 I 2 π r The magnetic field has direction as it is a vector quantity. For conventional current flowing through a straight wire, this can be found by the right-hand rule.

What is the formula for magnetic field strength?

The definition of H is H = B/μ − M, where B is the magnetic flux density, a measure of the actual magnetic field within a material considered as a concentration of magnetic field lines, or flux, per unit cross-sectional area; μ is the magnetic permeability; and M is the magnetization.

What is magnetic field PPT?

Magnetic field The force with which a magnetic poles of a magnet attracts or repels another magnetic pole of another magnet is called as Magnetic force . The space or region around a magnet within which magnetic force is exerted on other magnet is called magnetic field of the magnet .

What is the formula of magnetic field class 12th?

(i) In magnetic field F=q(V x B)

What is the SI unit of magnetic field?

Magnetic field is denoted by B and H. The SI unit of H is amperes per metre and the SI unit of B is Newtons per metre per ampere or Teslas.

What is SI unit of magnetic field?

What is the formula of tesla?

The tesla (symbolized T) is the standard unit of magnetic flux density. It is equivalent to one weber per meter squared (1 Wb · m -2 ). Reduced to base units in the International System of Units ( SI ), 1 T represents one kilogram per second squared per ampere (kg · s -2 · A -1 ).

What is magnetic field line Class 10?

Magnetic field lines are imaginary lines, which depict the strength and direction of the magnetic field.

What is meant by 1 gauss?

One gauss corresponds to the magnetic flux density that will induce an electromotive force of one abvolt (10-8 volt) in each linear centimetre of a wire moving laterally at one centimetre per second at right angles to a magnetic flux. One gauss corresponds to 10-4 tesla (T), the International System Unit.