What is the importance of Verbatim Theatre?

What is the importance of Verbatim Theatre?

Verbatim Theatre gives voice to people who would not normally have a platform. The process creates dialogue in a way that most playwrights have to manufacture otherwise.

What are some of the main problems with Verbatim Theatre?

The moment verbatim theatre forgets that it’s theatre, the issues with the form – the editorial hand, the interviewer-interviewee imbalance, the violence of appropriating the voices of others – become all the more apparent for going unacknowledged.

Is verbatim Theatre ethical?

Verbatim theatre practitioners such as Moisés Kaufman, Alecky Blythe, Hilary Halba and Stuart Young acknowledge the ethical responsibility theatre makers feel to honour and accurately re-present their interviewees in their work.

What is verbatim Theatre examples?

Some examples of recent prominent Verbatim Theatre include Moises Kaufman and the Tectonic Theater’s The Laramie Project and its sequel The Laramie Project-Ten Years Later, Campion Decent’s Embers, Robin Soans’ Talking to Terrorists, David Hare’s The Permanent Way, Tess Berry-Hart’s Someone to Blame and Sochi 2014.

What are some types of verbatim Theatre?

Different types of verbatim theatre: > Headphone verbatim: The actors are fed the recording via headphones and repeat what they hear and the way in which it is spoken. This is also known as recorded delivery. > Transcribed: Actors read and perform transcripts of recordings or testimonials.

What is a verbatim Theatre?

Documentary & Verbatim Theatre Verbatim theatre is a form of documentary theatre which is based on the spoken words of real people. Strictly, verbatim theatre-makers use real people’s words exclusively, and take this testimony from recorded interviews.

Who invented verbatim Theatre?

Anna Deavere Smith is credited with pioneering the form, from her one woman plays in the early 90s about the riots in Crown Heights and Los Angeles.

What are the two types of verbatim Theatre?

What is verbatim Theatre?

What are the different types of verbatim Theatre?