What is the longest someone has lived with a transplanted heart?

What is the longest someone has lived with a transplanted heart?

The world’s longest-surviving heart transplant patient has died, 33 years after his life-saving operation. John McCafferty was told he had only five years to live when he received the transplant at Harefield Hospital in west London, on 20 October 1982.

What is the life expectancy of a heart transplant recipient?

The worldwide heart transplant survival rate is greater than 85 percent after one year and 69 percent after 5 years for adults, which is excellent when compared to the natural course of end-stage heart failure. The first year after surgery is the most important in regards to heart transplant survival rate.

How old is the oldest heart transplant recipient?

21, 1986, at age 66, Schoenberg became the oldest person to receive a heart transplant in the United States.

Can you live 30 years with a heart transplant?

At almost 30 years, he’s lived far longer than most heart transplant recipients. The current world record: 33 years. “James is an incredible example of someone who’s been given the gift of life for 29 years after heart transplant,” says Dr. Frank.

Can you survive a second heart transplant?

Nobody had yet lived two decades with a transplanted heart, and a patient getting a second transplant based on longevity (rather than rejection) was unheard of. Over the years, both Fishbein and Weston have seen the heart transplant industry evolve as doctors and patients learned what works and what doesn’t.

What is the average life expectancy after heart transplantation?

Results: Survival rates 1, 5, and 10 years after transplantation were 87%, 77%, and 57%, respectively, and the average life expectancy was 9.16 years. The mental QOL of patients 10 years after heart transplantation was similar to that among the general population.

What is the most critical year after a heart transplant?

ANSWER: Although rejection can happen at any time, the first year after a transplant is the most critical. People who have a heart transplant are closely monitored by a transplant care team for rejection, as well as infection — a common complication after a transplant — and other health concerns.

How many lives have been saved by heart transplants?

Statistics Of Life Expectancy. The first historical heart transplant surgery to be performed in the United States was in January 1969. Since then, with the advancement in medical technology, heart transplant surgeries are responsible for saving over 2000 lives a year.

What is the longest time someone has lived after a transplant?

Longest reported: 60 years. Longest on record at Ohio State: Ohio State is following 32 patients who were transplanted over 30 years ago, including one living patient who received his transplant 44 years ago. “And that was during a time when we couldn’t dream of the technology we have now nor the medications we have now,” Diez says.