What is the main point of the sound and fury?

What is the main point of the sound and fury?

The Sound and the Fury, novel by William Faulkner, published in 1929, that details the destruction and downfall of the aristocratic Compson family from four different points of view.

What Is The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner about?

The Sound and the Fury is a dramatic presentation of the decline of the once-aristocratic Compson family of Yoknapatawpha County, in northern Mississippi. Divided into four sections, the history is narrated by three Compson brothers — Benjamin, Quentin, and Jason — followed by a section by an omniscient narrator.

Why does Quentin commit suicide in The Sound and the Fury?

When Quentin finds that his sister and father have disregarded the code that gives order and meaning to his life, he is driven to despondency and eventually suicide.

Is Quentin a boy or a girl in The Sound and the Fury?

A sensitive and intelligent boy, Quentin is preoccupied with his love for his sister Caddy and his notion of the Compson family’s honor. He commits suicide by drowning himself just before the end of his first year at Harvard.

How is time an important theme in The Sound and the Fury?

In conclusion, the past in The Sound and the Fury appears to be both dead and alive, as time itself seems to pass in two separate but coexisting ways. The external, physical time of the real world passes chronologically, leaving past events behind to make way for the present.

What happened at the end of The Sound and the Fury?

The Sound and the Fury ends with the symbolic completion of the Compsons’ downfall, but also hints at the possibility of resurrection or renewal. Importantly, this last chapter takes place on Easter Sunday, the day of Christ’s resurrection and thus a powerful symbol of redemption and hope.

Who is the narrator in The Sound and the Fury?

Narrator The story is told in four chapters by four different narrators: Benjy, the youngest Compson son; Quentin, the oldest son; Jason, the middle son; and Faulkner himself, acting as an omniscient, third-person narrator who focuses on Dilsey, the Compsons’ servant.

Who took Caddy’s virginity?

Quentin pays seven dollars in fines and is quickly released. As they drive, Gerald Bland regales the group with stories about his exploits with women. Quentin remembers his confrontation with Caddy after discovering that she had had sex with Dalton Ames.

Why does Quentin love Caddy?

Note, however, that Quentin does love his sister, Caddy. When he can find no love from his mother, and his father rejects all things in life, Quentin turns to Caddy for love and understanding.

What role does dilsey play in the novel?

Dilsey is the strongest character in the novel in view of morality and simple humanity. She is filled with a love for all of God’s creatures and makes little distinction between the needs of Benjy and the needs of the other members of the family.

What happens to Caddy Compson?

Caddy gets married and leaves. Soon after she has her baby, however, Herbert realizes that he’s not the father. He leaves Caddy. Caddy sends her daughter, Quentin, to Jefferson to be raised by her mother.

Who did Benjy look like?

In the story, Benjy is described as a simple-minded person. He had large loose limbs and fair hair on his face. He had blue eyes and had a smile on his face. His parents believed that he was simple-minded and simple-hearted only because he looked different from others.

What is the tone of The Sound and the Fury?

In The Sound and The Fury, Faulkner presents the degradation, decay, violence and death that have replaced courage, pride, love and honor in the Compson family. It deals with Faulkner’s use of the archaic tone in Fictional representation. society dehumanizes man by forcing him to cultivate false hopes.

Did Quentin sleep with caddy?

Quentin finds a trolley and rides back to Harvard. In his room, Quentin cleans a bloodstain off his vest and thinks about his mother. He remembers the time he told his father he had committed incest with Caddy, and that his father did not believe him.

Why did Quentin break his watch?

He feels that he must stop time. To do this, Quentin is constantly trying to escape from time, as represented by his act of tearing off the hands of his watch. Symbolically, this will stop time before it (time) allows him to forget his bereavement.

Why does Quentin break the watch?

Quentin tries to break the watch to free himself from its constant haunting presence, but the watch keeps ticking even without its hands.