What is the meaning behind the chandelier video?

What is the meaning behind the chandelier video?

The song and the video both convey a deeper meaning than meets the eye or ear. The background of the song is about how in 2010 Sia suffered from depression Bipolar disorder and Graves disease. To deal with this she often resorted to drugs and alcohol. This video is actually about that.

Who has covered chandelier?


Title Performer Info
Chandelier Scary Pockets feat. Stan Taylor Unusual cover song
Chandelier Bryan Hawn
Chandelier Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox feat. Dani Armstrong Unusual cover song
Chandelier Emma Lindars

Who created the chandelier Tiktok dance?

“[She] knows when movements seem recognizable.” Maddie Ziegler, the 11-year-old who plays the video’s sprightly, platinum-wigged “Mini-Sia,” is a dance star in her own right.

What does Sia Elastic Heart video mean?

Sia says her intentions in creating the video were to move people. “It is visceral for me, it just has to elicit some form of excitement. I have to be moved, I’m so rarely moved.” Watch both the behind-the-scenes video and the original Elastic Heart clip below.

Who was chandelier in the masked singer?

Heather Small
Sadly, Chandelier was the first celebrity to be unmasked in this year’s The Masked Singer UK. As we all screamed “take it off!” at our TV screens, Chandelier was revealed to be soul singer and former lead singer of the band M People— Heather Small! It’s a real shame Heather Small left the series so early.

Can Maddie Ziegler sing?

In fact, she’s always left the singing up to her little sister, Kenzie Ziegler. But, in a recent YouTube video that Ziegler recorded with popular YouTuber, Nikkie de Jager, the dancer admitted that her voice is featured on two songs in the upcoming film.

Is SIA chandelier a cover?

Damien Rice has released a melancholic cover of Sia’s 2014 pop smash hit, ‘Chandelier’, as part of the ‘Songs For Australia’ benefit album. Listen to it below.

What type of dance is chandelier?

I’d call that contemporary.

What does Elastic Heart symbolize?

Sia wrote this song about finding love after heartbreak and the pain that comes from a bad relationship. She hoped that Katy Perry would record it for the Hunger Games Catching Fire soundtrack but Katy Perry passed, so she did her own vocal.

What did Chandelier sing on The Masked Singer?

Chandelier Performs ‘Crazy’ By Patsy Cline | Season 3 Ep 1 | The Masked Singer UK – YouTube.