What is the meaning of anisotropy?

What is the meaning of anisotropy?

anisotropy, in physics, the quality of exhibiting properties with different values when measured along axes in different directions. Anisotropy is most easily observed in single crystals of solid elements or compounds, in which atoms, ions, or molecules are arranged in regular lattices.

What is birefringence What does the word literally mean?

Definition of birefringence 1 : the refraction of light in an anisotropic material (such as calcite) in two slightly different directions to form two rays According to G.

What is anisotropic behavior?

So, while isotropy means uniform behaviour in all directions, anisotropy is defined as the material’s tendency to react differently to stresses applied in different directions.

What is the anisotropic effect?

Magnetic Anisotropy. The word “anisotropic” means “non-uniform”. So magnetic anisotropy means that there is a “non-uniform magnetic field”. Electrons in π systems (e.g. aromatics, alkenes, alkynes, carbonyls etc.) interact with the applied field which induces a magnetic field that causes the anisotropy.

What is isotropic behavior?

Isotropic materials An isotropic material is highly formable and may take any shape. Since the properties of its microcomponents are the same in any orientation, its behaviour is also highly predictable. Metals, glasses, most liquids, and polymers are examples of isotropic materials.

What is high birefringence?

Minerals with low birefringence show only white, gray and black interference colors. Minerals with very high birefringence — such as calcite — show such weak colors that they may appear “pearl” white. Note: Interference colors are combinations of differen wavelengths and so are difficult to reproduce on a web page.

What is normal anisotropy?

The normal anisotropy is defined as the ratio of the logarithmic strain in the sheet transverse direction to the logarithmic strain in the sheet normal direction (ND). The planar anisotropy is evaluated based on the r-value profile in the plane of a rolled sheet.

What is isotropic state of stress?

Isotropic stress Another simple type of stress occurs when the material body is under equal compression or tension in all directions.