What is the meaning of the Finnish word sisu?

What is the meaning of the Finnish word sisu?

strength of will, determination, perseverance
Sisu is a unique Finnish concept. It is a Finnish term that can be roughly translated into English as strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity. Sisu is not momentary courage, but the ability to sustain that courage. It is a word that cannot be fully translated.

What does sisu mean in Swedish?

Meaning. Sisu is extraordinary determination in the face of extreme adversity, and courage that is presented typically in situations where success is unlikely.

What does sisu mean in Hebrew?

English term or phrase: rejoice. Hebrew translation: sisu.

Where did the word sisu come from?

Etymologically, “sisu” comes from a Finnish root word that implies “inner” or “inside.” This is one reason it is sometimes translated as “guts” or “inner strength.” Finland is a bilingual country; Nylund grew up in Raseborg, a southern town where both Finnish and Swedish are well represented, and she speaks both.

Why is sisu so special?

Sisu is a special strength and persistent determination and resolve to continue and overcome in the moment of adversity. It’s an almost magical quality, a combination of stamina, perseverance, courage and determination held in reserve for hard times.

Why is Finland not a part of Scandinavia?

As is often the case, it depends. Geographically, Finland could be considered Scandinavian and at one time was a part of the Swedish Kingdom. Most Finns are Lutherans, as Scandinavians used to be. However, Finnish is not a Scandinavian language and Finns are ethnically distinct from Scandinavians.

Is Sisu a real legend?

Sisudatu, also known by her nickname Sisu, is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 59th animated feature Raya and the Last Dragon (2021). Created by screenwriter Adele Lim, she is voiced by American actress and rapper Awkwafina.

How do u pronounce Sisu?


  1. IPA: /ˈsisu/, [ˈs̠is̠u]
  2. Rhymes: -isu.
  3. Syllabification: si‧su.

How do u pronounce sisu?

Who killed Sisu?

Raya probably wasn’t even fully aware it was an accident when Namaari pulled the trigger, killing Sisu.

What is the Finnish word for strength?

‘Sisu’ in Finnish means strength, perseverance in a task that for some may seem crazy to undertake, almost hopeless.

How do you use Sisu in a sentence?

“For example, when Finland wins the ice hockey World Championship then we are proud that we have sisu,” she says.